Naughty Naughty Cambridge police & CPS

Cambridge Police Detective Constable Neil Patrick sent me an email, asking me if I would be so kind to give a statement.  This is what he sent to me

Good morning Mr Ponting,

I am DC 2346 Neil Patrick of Cambridgeshire Constabulary.  I am the Officer in Charge of a case that I am investigating on behalf of Norfolk Constabulary.  The Victims are Amie and Matthew Abbs and the Suspect is ****** ******. 

I understand that you have an involvement with the UK Corrupt Police Website.

As part of my investigation, it has come to my attention that you know ****** ******. As requested by the Crown Prosecution Service, I am writing to you to establish if you would be willing to provide a statement to Police detailing your interaction with ****** ******.  This will include how long you have known her and in what capacity.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Neil Patrick

Detective Constable 2346 | Southern CID


DC Neil Patrick was well aware that I was a witness for the defence, the innocent person (I will call Angela) that he is seemingly out to get on behalf of his cop mate, DS Matthew Abbs (‘Abbsie’).

Neil Patrick was well aware that I had sent a statement of truth about facts that he had blamed on Angela.

Neil Patrick is well aware that Angela was given (unlawful) bail conditions, not to contact me.  The conditions made a false inference that I was in some way a police witness (wtf!), I was not.  I was a witness for Angela and her legal friend (McKenzie Friend)

The bail conditions were neither necessary nor proportionate (a legal requirement)

The bail conditions prevented Angela from contacting me, her witness and McKenzie friend.

The bail conditions were signed off by senior officer, Superintendant 822 Laura Hunt who obviously is in on this or dumb enough to sign blindly.

The bail conditions prevented Angela from calling me as a witness for a civil case, brought against her by her ex, DS Matthew Abbs (or ‘Abbsie’ as DC Neil Patrick refers to him).

The bail breached Angela’s Article 6 absolute Human Right to a Fair Trial.  The trial did not go ahead as she had no witness.

This was also a breach of my personal data by using my name on a 3rd parties document, without my knowledge or permission, and an abuse of my personal data for falsifying information about me, saying that I was a police witness. The ICO is now investigating this abuse of my data.

Apparently, DC Neil Patrick was attempting to get me to agree to give a statement such as  ‘yes, I will give a statement to CPS‘, and then reel off how they have wronged Angela etc.

The point is, any agreement for me to provide such a statement, irrespective of the tone, would have;

  1. Made me a police witness; and
  2. immediately made the unlawful bail conditions necessary.
  3. Made the data breach and data abuse allegations go away
  4. Made the Human Rights claim for breach of a right to a fair trial go away.
  5. Justify Superintendent Laura Hunt signing off unlawful bail conditions.
  6. the list goes on…

So, I told DC Neil Patrick to sling his hook, a formal complaint has been made against him, it has been acknowledged and is now progressing to PSD.  I have established that the appeal body will be the IOPC and all concerned are well aware that any unreasonable decisions will be challenged by Judicial Review.

For all intents and purposes, the CPS are also well aware of that above, assuming the police have done their jobs correctly, so shame on them also!


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