Norfolk police and Cambridge police persecute a victim of police domestic violence

Cambridge police have arrested Angela.. again.

I have been notified that this arrest is for an allegation that she has breached a ‘non-molestation order’, made against her by her ex-partner, DS Matthew Abbs.

DS Matthew Abbs, who is under a criminal investigation for stalking Angela, lied to the court, telling them that Angela wrote articles on this website.  THIS IS FALSE.

Now DS Abbs has reported Angela for breaching a non-molestation order saying she wrote another article.  THIS IS ALSO FALSE.

DS Abbs is well aware Angela did not write these articles, UKCP chose to write the articles as they were about allegations of police officers.

In fact, (and as evidence), the police will see that Angela has NO control over these articles, as this one has been written while she is in their(unlawful) custody.


The police are well aware of this and have made this vexatious unlawful arrest and detention.

I wrote the articles, all of which are lawful and contemporaneous.  Both police forces were offered a right to reply.

Norfolk police are aware that Angela has appointed DPP Law in civil claim, DPP Law will be notified of this latest incident.


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