Norfolk police instruct Cambridgeshire police to undertake an independent investigation… but, hang on, they’re married?

When the police lie and get caught out, they deserve to be held to account

A whistleblower has approached us here at UKCP, notifying us of some alleged dodgy dealings between Norfolk police and Cambridgeshire police.

We have reported in several articles about how DS Matthew Abbs of Norfolk police and his wife, Chief Inspector Aimee Abbs (now retired) brought malicious false allegations against the ex-partner of Matthew Abbs (who we call Angela).

To try to show that this (malicious) investigation into Angela was kept as independent as possible, the investigation was passed to Cambridgeshire police.  i.e. a separate police force with no links

Even though we have already proven there is a conflict of interest as the Cambridgeshire police officer in charge of the investigation, 2346 Neil Patrick is clearly a friend of DS Matthew abbs, as Neil Patrick has inadvertently released evidence that he has DS Matthew Abbs in his phone contact list under the heading ‘ABBSIE’? (Aww, cute).

Now we have been shown evidence that Chief Constable Nick Dean of Cambridgeshire police is literally in bed with Chief Superintendent Julie Wvendth of Norfolk police. They are MARRIED!

And would you believe it… Julie Wvendth was the acting Assistant Chief Constable at the time of Angela’s arrest.


Cambridgeshire Chief Constable Nick Dean


Norfolk Chief Superintendent Julie Wvendth


Independent investigation, MY ARSE!


  1. Cronyism….is not Independent investigation.
    It rather obvious .
    The only way to prevent this having FBI equivelent that citizens can report criminality within the Police.
    At present it’s just “Carry on Perping !”

  2. Well this is normally the way playing pass the parcel with files and even loosing some that contain incriminating against them of course many are related and cover for each other but the public don’t know these facts.

  3. Ah, I remember those days when the blood ran red and hot through my veins (well arteries really) but it never strayed from my lovely wife.I suppose there are some people who not only betray moral ethics but also act out unprofessional and potential criminal activities. Wearing the Queen’s uniform to instigate such behaviour deserves public ridical and loss of any basic rights given to those wearing that uniform. ps “talking it off” still counts as wearing it.

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