Norfolk police try to block a complaint against a police officer whos wife is a senior officer

A complaint was made against DS Matthew Abbs of Norfolk police for alleged illegal access to this website and taking copies of private & unpublished documents without permission. 

Essentially, this is illegally obtained evidence with the added twist, the evidence was then falsely attributed to an innocent person by DS Matthew Abbs.

I reported this as a complaint against DS Abbs to Norfolk police.

DS Abbs ‘used my articles without my permission within a falsified statement to a court. He falsely declared that ‘my work‘ was that of another person to cause a detriment to that other person.

Norfolk police responded saying I cannot complain as I was not affected.

This is their response.

I have sent a detailed response to Norfolk PSD, ‘encouraging’ them to record the complaint and await their response.  A failure to record will be reported to the IOPC and if necessary a Judicial Review application will be made.

The IOPC website clearly states

What can I complain about?

    • Witnessed a police officer, staff member, contractor or volunteer acting inappropriately
    • have been adversely affected by the conduct of a police officer, staff member, contractor or volunteer, even if it did not take place in relation to you.

I have stated in my response;

I am a witness to the conduct of DS Abbs and have provided an affidavit to the court where I expect to be a live witness. Therefore, I have witnessed a police officer acting inappropriately and my complaint in this respect should be recorded.

I have been adversely affected by the conduct of DS Abbs as my work has resulted in the unlawful arrest of Ms *****. This has had an adverse effect on my journalism, as I am especially mindful that anything I legally publish in relation to facts about DS Abbs,  are being falsely and intentionally attributed to Ms *****.


Norfolk PSD have been invited to give their comments on this and all articles.  I have specifically asked them to report any articles that they believe to be untrue to ensure our reporting is factual.

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