Officer sacked over military lies

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A police officer who lied about his military service has been dismissed following a two-day misconduct hearing.

Thames Valley Police Constable Simon Edwards had told colleagues of his untrue army experiences in which he claimed to travel to countries such as Afghanistan and Northern Ireland.

He also lied about being a member of the Parachute Regiment and the Red Devils parachute display team.

On April 3, 2014, PC Edwards attended a presentation ceremony, during which he was given a commendation.

At the event, he wore six medals: the NATO Medal for Macedonia; the General Service Medal for Northern Ireland; the ISAF Medal for Afghanistan, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and Operational Service Medals for Afghanistan and Iraq. However, he only medal he was entitled to wear was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and had not served in any of the conflicts.

Furthermore, in April 2016, PC Edwards constructed a false account about an incident in which a police car he was a passenger in triggered a speed camera.

A misconduct hearing concluded that PC Edwards, who worked at Slough Police Station, breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of ‘Honesty and Integrity’, ‘Authority, Respect and Courtesy’.

Detective Chief Superintendent Tim De Meyer said: “If people are to have trust and confidence in the police then our officers must demonstrate exemplary standards of honesty and integrity.

“PC Edwards’ conduct fell far short of these standards and was an affront to members of the armed forces and to police colleagues.

“His misconduct was reported by his fellow officers which shows that such behaviour is not tolerated in Thames Valley Police.

“His dismissal sends a strong message as to the consequences for officers of acting dishonestly and serves to reassure the public that gross misconduct is reported, thoroughly investigated and dealt with firmly.”



  1. I have a huge story for you guys soon about Slough Police using informers and covering up sex crimes including breaking into people houses and using surveillance equipment to voyeur people. This is going to be national headlines stuff.

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