Operation Malaya – Lancashire police dig their heels in refusing to divulge information on an unlawful task force

Perverted the course of jusice

In 2017, Lancashire police formed a ‘Task Force’, named Operation Malaya enlisting members of the public to falsify allegations against me, Paul Ponting, in a failed attempt to discredit me a with a criminal prosecution.

Several Freedom of Information Requests (FOI) have been made for further information regarding Operation Malaya, but Lancashire police are doing everything in their power to refuse access to this public information.

A FOI made in 2019 was rejected by Lancashire police, and review was requested but Lancashire police say that ‘accidentally forgot‘ about it and closed it.  The review was again requested and is now in.  Not surprisingly, Lancashire police still refuse to divulge most information, such as;

‘exactly how may police officers were working on this summary only offence’; and

‘who authorised Operation Malaya’; and

‘Why are members of the public involved in Operation Malaya’

The latter question is of great interest as the three men involved in Operation Malaya were well aware of the ‘task force name’ and proudly published their involvement in th Operation Malaya Taskforce on Facebook.

The review response shows that Lancashire police are dead set in not providing any further information.  This is because the allegations implicate the Chief Constable (and other senior officers) in corrupt activities.

Several offenders from around the country have been ‘enlisted’ by Lancashire police into Operation Malaya, they are George Vella of Bedfordshire, Neil Wilkes of the West Midlands and Darren Hogan also of West Midlands.

These names have been confirmed by Lancashire police during past FOI requests and asking one officer while he was on oath, forcing him to reveal Neil Wilkes.

The allegations were allegedly HARRASMENT.

Harassment is a summary only offence and once which most police forces put litte effort into.  Lancashire police on the other hand, invested a FULL time team of dedicated police officers to investigate over a 4 month period.

The evidence (or lack of), was presented to the CPS who have confirmation that they gave no authority to the police to bring criminal charges.  Yet, Lancashire police persisted in wasting tax payers money travelling the country to visit these offender.

Lancashire police brought a malicious prosecution against Paul Ponting in 2014.  They failed and were sued costing the Tax payer in excess of £130,000.  They have since been sued by Mr Ponting on two further and related occasions and as of February 2021, are facing a second Malicious Prosecution claim.

This is evidence of a desperation to criminalise Mr Ponting

All three have been confirmed as providing information to Lancashire police and

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  1. Yes it’s called community policing they use the neighbourhood watch networks X druggies X cons in the set up using mobile phone look out stalkers to track and follow their victims !
    In return they get all expenses paid benefits of not working or housing paid – housing repairs done efficiently and rehousing if neccessary car expences ; petrol ;credit for phone etc and exemption from prosecution !
    If you have them in your community then get their faces places they live and car reg they are linked up to other watch groups inside shops only at managers descretion!

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