Paedo Greenock cop nailed for sex attacks on schoolboys as young as 6 moans case has ruined his life

A PERVERT cop nailed for sex attacks on young boys bleated about how the case had ruined his life, a court heard.

Self-pitying Kevin Reid, 54, targeted one lad over a two-year period from 2018 when the victim was just six.

He also preyed on another boy for six years starting in 2008 – and targeted a third innocent child in 2018 when he was just nine years old.

Beast Reid,  54, of Greenock, Renfrewshire, was convicted last month after a trial at the town’s sheriff court.

But as he returned to the dock on Friday for a sentencing hearing the brute continued to plead innocence.

Defence lawyer Allan Macleod, representing the disgraced Ministry of Defence cop, said: “This has left Mr Reid devastated. He has lost his job, lost his reputation.”

But the anguished mum of one of his victims told The Scottish Sun: “My son is starting to heal but I worry about the untold damage as he matures.

“The rest of the family is devastated with this. The old analogy of the stone in a pond works well. The ripple effect is felt by us all.

“I currently live a torturous existence and I liken it to the worst thing that can happen to a parent apart from your child being murdered.”

After trial, Reid was found guilty of exposing his buttocks to one lad and making sexual remarks towards him on various occasions between May, 2008, and November 2010, when the boy was between ten and 12-years-old.

He also intentionally humiliated and alarmed the lad for his own sexual gratification by directing sexual and indecent comments towards him between December 2010 and May the following year.

The same pattern of disturbing behaviour continued up to May 2014 when he induced the boy to watch porn. Reid also pulled down his own clothing and exposed his naked buttock.

His victim was also subjected to threats of violence as Reid caused fear and alarm on one occasion by shouting and banging doors.


He also targeted another child who was just six when he was first preyed upon by Reid.

The former MOD cop pounced on various occasions between January 2018 and October 2019 by chasing the youngster into a toilet and refused to let him leave.

Reid’s sexual assault involved a series of depraved and humiliating acts too disgusting to include in a family newspaper.

The warped cop was also found guilty of threatening and abusive behavior towards a third boy aged between nine and ten – exposing his buttocks and private parts between January 2018 and October 2019.

Reid – understood to have previously been a butcher and a taxi driver – arrived back at court on Friday puffing on a vape device and wearing a sharp grey three-piece suit with a white shirt and lilac tie.

He covered up his face when he spotted our snapper before putting on a black mask as he entered the court house.

Mr Macleod described the offences his client had been convicted of as a “serious matter”.

He added: “There is a huge element of breach of trust in relation to these offences.”

However he went on to say Reid’s sex crimes were at the “lower end” of the spectrum as he urged Sheriff David Hall not to throw him in jail.

Mr Macleod told the court Reid had been assessed as being a “medium risk” of reconviction and revealed his client still did not accept his guilt.

He said: “He has shown no remorse and does not accept any responsibility for these offences.

“He is maintaining his innocence. He is maintaining the same position he has since these offences first emerged.


“He should not be penalised for that. He does accept he has been convicted but he is entitled to maintain his innocence in relation to these matters.”

He said a Crown motion to impose a non-harassment order and sexual offences prevention order were “not necessary or required”.

Mr Macleod went on to say Reid had a “good work ethic” and was “someone who had a happy childhood himself”.

And he revealed the former MOD cop had resigned after the accusations came to light but that up until then he had been in full time employment his whole life.

He added: “He is unemployed but does hope to be in employment in due course.”


Sheriff Hall further deferred sentence until October 29 to consider the crown motion and remanded Reid in custody in the meantime.

The shamed cop showed no emotion as he was cuffed and taken down to the cells.

A MOD spokesperson said: “We are aware that a former Ministry of Defence Police officer has been found guilty of charges relating to sexual offences. He has been dismissed without notice.

“We expect all of our officers to maintain the highest possible standards of behaviour and conduct at all times.”

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