PC James Breeds sacked from Sussex police turns to harassment and threats

Ex-PC James Breeds, who was based in Brighton, appeared at a misconduct hearing at Sussex Police headquarters on June 21 to 23 (2021).

James Breeds – Is the sign a coincidence?

The independently-chaired panel found he had knowingly provided false information as part of a criminal investigation; used unlawful force when entering a premises and arresting a suspect; and brought discredit to the organisation through his actions.

The panel have found that the proven allegations amounted to gross misconduct.
Since this time, disgruntled James Breeds has taken to Social Media.
On twitter, he is @BreedEx  (https://twitter.com/BreedsEx)
Ex PC Breeds Twitter photo
On Facebook, he hides behind the name Jimmy Gregory but the URL shows his name is James Breeds https://www.facebook.com/james.breeds.98
The Facebook photo is remarkably the same as the sketch on his Twitter account it appears that Ex PC James Breeds is using ‘Jimmy Gregory’ to hide his disgraced past.
Ex PC Breeds Facebook photo
The reason for this article is that ex-PC James Gregory made a passing comment that he knows Taz Ryder (Kyoji Mochizuki) and even claims to have arrested him in the past.
Kyoji Mochizuki is now has a warrant for his arrest for committing horrific crimes, including the abuse of a teenage girl and her father and distributing an image of what appears to be a minor being sexually abused.
Ex PC James Breeds makes light of the crimes committed and even goes so far as to instruct the parents to retract their statements against Kyoji Mochizuki.
Finishing the communication, ex-PC James Breeds makes a threat
When I get back from Philippines, you wanna watch out
Now I have an ex-cop threatening me, maybe he is going to come and kick my door in like he did when he worked for the police.  This was one of the reasons he was sacked.  I suspect he was bullied at school.

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