PC who performed sex acts on sergeant while on duty guilty of gross misconduct

Policewoman Jemma Dicks claimed she was “brainwashed” into the sex acts at “various locations and dates” with married sergeant Adam Reed during their 10-month fling.

A rookie PC is today set to be sacked from her job for on-duty sex games with a married sergeant including performing sex acts in their police station.


PC Jemma Dicks, 28, claimed she was “brainwashed” into the sex acts at “various locations and dates” with her burly sergeant Adam Reed, 40, during their 10-month fling.

But a panel ruled she was “consenting” and made “informed and deliberate” decisions – and was not being controlled by her superior officer.

PC Dicks admitted to senior officers to having oral sex on “multiple occasions” while the two officers were on shift together.

A disciplinary panel is set to sack her from her childhood dream job after saying her actions amounted to gross misconduct.

Reed and Dicks were said to have brought the reputation of the police service into disrepute after the junior officer performed oral sex on her superior on at least three occasions at Cardiff Central police station.

“Dicks set out in some detail the relationship with Reed. Dicks said the relationship was controlling and manipulative.

“It was submitted that Reed was a sexual predator who used his position to pursue women.

“Looking at the messages, it was clear that PC Dicks was in love with Reed and looked up to him. She saw Reed as a replacement for her dad.”

Regarding the couple’s sexual encounter at Cardiff Central Police Station, Miss Boothroyd said: “This was a very serious breach of the standards of behaviour.

“This conduct undermines the trust the public put in the police.

“As a serving police officer, PC Dicks should have recognised that her behaviour fell short of the conduct expected.

“Members of the public would be horrified to hear that the police station was being used for sexual activity and this undermines the trust of the public in the police.”

Sgt Reed previously quit the force ahead of the hearing after admitting a foot fetish and having station sex, but was also found to have committed gross misconduct.

PC Dicks had tried to save her job by arguing that the sex games amounted to misconduct rather than gross misconduct.

She told the hearing she was “flattered by the attention” of Sgt Reed after joining South Wales Police and being posted to Roath Police Station in Cardiff.

PC Dicks said: “He seemed really nice. He was really friendly and approachable.

“He asked a lot of questions about where I had come from. He just took a keen interest in my life.”


PC Dicks claimed she was left sat at her desk in the police station “for days on end with nothing to do” – so Reed took her out on patrols.

While out on the road, PC Dicks said Reed would ask “personal questions” about her life and relationships.

She said: “I thought it was inappropriate but I didn’t think it was my place to question him.

“He told me that he fancied me from the moment I walked through the door at Roath Police Station.

“He told me that within the first two or three days.”


The pair grew closer as PC Dicks grieved the sudden loss of her father and became embroiled in a ten-month love affair.

PC Dicks first had sex with Reed at his family home in Cardiff while his wife Alexandra, 45, was away. But he then demanded oral sex at the main Cardiff Central station – including in the force’s private bar and kitchen.

PC Dicks said: “The first incident that happened, I was working with a male colleague when I received a text from Reed telling me to come upstairs.

“He told me to clean the bar there. Reed began shouting at me. He was being really blunt with me.

“He told me that he was annoyed that I had been working with a male colleague and accused me of sleeping with the male colleague.

“Reed was arguing with me telling me I didn’t show him enough attention and I didn’t tell him how big he was – referring to his penis.

“Then he unzipped his trousers and undid his belt and exposed his penis before pushing my head towards it and I performed oral sex on him.”


Their affair came to light after Sgt Reed was accused of taking sneak photographs of another woman officer’s feet with PC Dicks in his station sergeant’s office.

Sgt Reed was challenged about taking the secret feet pictures without consent – and later admitted having a “foot fetish”.

PC Dicks claimed she had been “brainwashed” by Sgt Reed and was “head over heels” in love with her superior officer.

She said: “Reed convinced me that he was vulnerable. He would say to me that he was vulnerable but no one would see it like that because he was a man and that he was a sergeant.

“The oral sex wasn’t forced but it was clear what he wanted. He pushed me down to show me what he wanted and I complied with what he asked of me.

“I take full responsibility. It was a massive mistake and I really regret what has happened.”


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