Police officers found having sex at Gloucestershire station

gloucestershire police

Two police officers were discovered to have had sex on duty at a police station in Gloucestershire.

It happened at Gloucester Police Station in Bearland and resulted in a misconduct hearing by the force.

In a bid to be transparent and open, Gloucestershire police releases the outcomes of its public misconduct hearings for both officers and staff.

In the last year there have been serious incidents, which have resulted in heavy punishments including some being given the sack.

 The female officer eventually revealed the incident to her superiors several months after it happened last year.

Because of her vulnerability at the time and other mitigating circumstances not disclosed, the force said the matter was reduced from gross misconduct to misconduct.

She was slapped with a final written warning lasting 18 months.

By the time the hearing took place in December 2015, the male officer had already been sacked by the force for other matters not disclosed.

A Gloucestershire police spokesman said the misconduct outcomes were published on their website hearings for officers are now mostly held in public.

“While these were serious matters they have all been dealt with firmly using established internal processes and we publish the results to be open and transparent,” he said.

“Ultimately we think that publishing the outcomes improves our legitimacy and should give people confidence in us.

“We have a professional standards department and an anti-corruption unit to identify wrongdoing in the organisation and actively encourage the public and staff to report concerns to us.”

Other matters being heard at these misconduct meetings include an officer being overheard by another officer making inappropriate comments ‘that were lacking in professionalism’.

The officer was heard using foul and derogatory language by the complainant and the chairman of the meeting also considered two other allegations of ‘incivility’ against the officer, but neither of which was proven.

They were given a written warning which will stay on their file for 12 months.
Source: http://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/police-officers-found-having-sex-at-gloucestershire-police-station/story-30007622-detail/story.html

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