Police sergeant dismissed after having sex with landlady and texting teenage barmaid

A police sergeant has been dismissed after having sex twice with a pub landlady he met while in uniform and also ‘sexting’ a teenage barmaid.

Sergeant Ricki Vaughan, 41, went on two dates with the landlady after driving to her pub in a police car to discuss a charity barbecue, a misconduct panel heard.

The woman, known only as Ms E, contacted him through one of his colleagues and the pair went on to have sex twice.

Ms E, then manager at a pub in Hertfordshire, suspected she was pregnant and subsequently turned up at his house drunk one evening, leading to him calling the police.

Vaughan, who joined Hertfordshire Police in 2003, also tried to form a relationship with an 18-year-old barmaid who he met in his capacity as a police officer when he was 39, the panel heard.

The pair exchanged messages to organise the teen, named as Ms C, doing work experience at the force’s control room, but Vaughan was simultaneously sending “sexual, crude and cynical” messages about her to a police colleague, including one that said: “Odds on me shagging her (hand up emoji).”

An independent panel found that the officer’s messages to the girl were not professional but were a “calculated ruse” to get in touch with her so he could gauge whether she was open to meeting for a “potentially sexual encounter”.

Vaughan has been dismissed from the force for gross misconduct.

The panel found that he had tried to form relationships with a total of four women he had met as a police officer. He was also found to have made daily comments of a sexual nature about female colleagues passing by the window of his office, including saying: “I know what I would like to do to her”.

The panel found he had: used his position by forming and/or attempting to form relationships with members of the public who he met through his work; failed to treat colleagues and/or members of the public with courtesy and respect; behaved in a discriminatory way towards colleagues and had regularly spoken about women in a disrespectful way.

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