Priti Patel Patel or pretty stupid

Police officers should not face “trial by social media”, the Home Secretary has said as she backed calls to publish more body-worn video footage of incidents.  In a speech to the annual Police Federation of England and Wales conference, Priti Patel said “transparency is vital” and supported plans to tackle “misleading” video clips uploaded on to social media”.

Maybe Priti Patel should take a look at this case.

Priti Patel believes that the police will correctly prosecute cases and that social media and private website do more damage than good?

Well, only if the damage is to the reputation of the police.

Maybe this tunnel-visioned stupid woman should question Lancashire police, who used their own body Worn Video (BWV) to prosecute me.

They failed to use my evidence, in fact, they seized it and refused to allow me to use it.  They also claimed my evidence would not damage the prosecution in the list of unused material when clearly it was devastating to the prosecution.

This resulted in yet another malicious prosecution against me.  I was convicted after a lying corrupt Lancashire police officer committed perjury on oath. Even contradicted by one of his own police officers, he still maintained his lie.  My camera proved he lied, but only after I was convicted and even then, I needed a court order to get it back.  I successfully appeal using my evidence.

Even with this conclusive evidence, Lancashire Police refused to charge their stupid lying ‘acting inspector’ who thought he would get away with it.  So, I turned to social media and a public website to disclose what this Lancashire police officer did, and what Lancashire constabulary backed him for doing.

Only that I encouraged ‘trial by social media, am I now represented for another civil claim of Malicious Prosecution against Lancashire police, but am also preparing to issue a summons against the officer for Perjury via a private prosecution.

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  1. She need to remove immediately from office can see she got someone or some body to protect so what if the video can prove a police is innocent wouldn’t that police deserve is good action been seen or if he/she was wrongly accused let’s start a petition to get her removed immediately if it was for other camera and cctv that innocent man would had a record because of lying pig

  2. In decent professions, any feedback is valued as it helps improve things. It seems the Police do not intend to improve anything.

    • The idiot chief constables like officers who are below average IQ, probably because they are often masonic thugs.
      It’s a shame for the 20% of smart cops that so many of them, are so stupid.

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