Public elected Crime Commissioner Andrew Snowden tries to select his audience on Twitter

Andrew Snowden is the publically elected Crime Commissioner for Lancashire. His role is, (amongst many things), being the voice of the people of Lancashire.  He says;

As Police and Crime Commissioner my role is to act as your voice in policing within Lancashire. Listening to your views in the development of the Police and Crime Plan, which acts as a strategic guide for the force, is a key part of this.

What would you think if you found out that Andrew Snowden is selectively blocking members of the public and therefore intentionally refusing to listen to their views and refusing to be their voice?

This is what Andrew Snowden has done on Twitter.

I made a complaint to the Crime Commissioners’ office after being blocked by Andrew Snowden on Twitter. Although there has been no reason provided for blocking me, I presume it is because I have asked him for help whereby a Lancashire police officer lied to my detriment, and also that I have repeatedly asked for his help on matters where Lancashire police refused to provide me or my family any policing.

The response to the complaint was;

I write in connection with your e-mail of 9 December and should advise you that you have not been blocked from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s official twitter account @LancsPCC

As a tax-payer you still have full access to all the activity undertaken by the Commissioner in his official role as well being able to comment as you feel appropriate.

The issue is that Andrew Snowden (The Police and Crime Commissioner), does not tweet from the account they claim is the official PCC account.  Instead, Andrew Snowden tweets from @A_J_Snowden which you would not be mistaken for presuming he intends to look like the official Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner account, even providing his website as the official .GOV domain.



Andrew Snowden is a politician, he loves the sound of his own voice and seems to spend more time promoting himself, often spending time with the police in their roles.  Andrew is not a police officer, and he is not supposed to be ‘best pals’ with the police, his role is as a voice for the public to ensure we get a better police service.  How can this be done if he spends his days playing ‘pretend cop’ with them and having dozens of photoshoots with him and the police.

Andrew has cost the tax payer an extreme amount of money.  His new £75m proposal to replace Lancashire Police HQ with new buildings saying the previous buildings need replacing.  I was not aware that buildings have a life span where they need to be replaced within 70 years, if that is the case, the majority of homes in the region are due for demolition.

Also, Andrew backed a plan to waste taxpayers’ money by replacing every single police officer’s hat with a shiny new one.  Looking at feedback from disgruntled tax-payers, they are suggesting there is no point getting a hat when you never see a cop, and how is a new hat going to solve crime?

A publicly elected politician must be prepared to take the rough with the smooth.  Blocking people for challenging how he spends taxpayers’ money is our right.  Andrew Snowden is abusing his position to only ‘Tweet’ to those who don’t challenge him.

If Andrew Snowden wants a personal Twitter account, that is fine, but keep it personal and keep his public duties public.

A complaint about Andrew Snowden has been made to the IOPC and the Police and Crime Panel.  I won’t be holding my breath.

Take a look at a few of the posts from the @A_J_Snowden account and ask yourself, does this look like an official PCC account?

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