Racist & Mysoginist ex-Merseyside Cop trolls a rape victim on Twitter

A self-professed ex-Merseyside Police officer has trolled a rape victim of Asian descent, making such comments, relating to rape victims  that “They simply can’t take it, mate they’re pathetic!

Old Scouse Cop, as he refers to himself on Twitter, using the Twitter Handle @CopScouse proudly uses an inflammatory and apparent racist profile statement.

“Came to the country in a small boat” Says it all doesn’t it”

Old Scouse Cop does not show his real name and has refused to identify himself after being asked.

Other Twitter users, some of whom are Survivors of Sexual Abuse, have responded to the ex-Merseyside police officer  with comments.

Rape survivor KASS @BillieJ77670185 replied

Can’t take what? Rape? Yes a bit not right 😳


Seeking Justice @ImanZayna replied

Oooh look another copper trolling … I wonder if they realise that they are making their former profession look worse than it already is. Go enjoy your pensions rather than abuse women on line. #abusers #enablers #rape


A significant and supportive Social Medial influencer has commented

kwilliam @kwilliam111

Does this explain why he hates you?

To which  Seeking Justice @ImanZayna replied

Oooh look a racist former cop … I was actually born in a hospital in Newcastle as was my mum. Not sure where he’s got ‘boat’ from 🤦🏽‍♀️


Anyone with information or the identity of this ex-cop, please let us know.


Merseyside police are aware of this incident.


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