School police officer of Aughton in Ormskirk, dragged boy by his coat and threatened another pupil with the same

A Merseyside Police officer assigned to a Liverpool school dragged a pupil by his coat causing injuries to his knee.

Then PC Christopher Cruise, 57, also threatened a second pupil with the “same treatment”.

The officer was hauled before the courts and convicted of assault after a trial at Crewe Magistrates’ Court, where he was fined £800 and ordered to pay £100 in compensation.

Cruise, of Long Lane in Aughton, retired from the force after the incident but will face a disciplinary panel on August 12, which could have implications for his pension.

According to a notice published on the Merseyside Police website, Cruise is accused of “allegedly breaching the Standards of Professional Behaviour, namely; Use of Force, Honesty and Integrity, Discreditable Conduct and Authority Respect and Courtesy to the level of gross misconduct”.

The notice states:

“The officer will face allegations that on January 29, 2020, whilst in his role as a Police Liaison Officer at a local school, he assaulted a pupil by dragging him by the coat, causing him to injure his knee and threatened another pupil with the same treatment.

“The officer received a criminal conviction arising out of an event that occurred whilst he was on duty and in a position of trust.”

The force did not name the school involved for legal reasons.

The force confirmed Cruise was convicted on Wednesday, May 19 this year, and later appealed to Chester Crown Court – without success.

On top of the £900 in fines and compensation, he was ordered to pay £500 prosecution costs for the trial and an £85 victim surcharge, before being lumped with a further £1,620 in costs for the failed appeal.

According to the Force, all schools officers have since undergone additional training in conjunction with the Merseyside Police training academy, School Improvement Liverpool and the local authority.

Detective Chief Inspector Craig Sumner said: “Merseyside Police takes the professional standards of its officers and staff extremely seriously and will not tolerate any behaviour that does not meet the high standards and expectations demanded by the police service and the public we serve.

“It is essential that police officers and staff act with integrity at all times and that as a Force we take swift and robust action to investigate anyone suspected of breaking the law.

“Officers or police employees who find themselves the subject of a criminal investigation will receive the same treatment as any other member of the public.

“An internal misconduct hearing is due to be held on 12 th August and it would therefore be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”



  1. Yes absolutely corrupt professional standards my arsenal,another way to brush it under carpet…and save their m8s

  2. DCI Sumner is full of shit. Merseyside Police don’t give a shit about professional standards. If they can cover their arse, they will. They obviously were not able to cover their arse enough with PC Cruise’s behaviour. Merseyside Police are corrupt as fuck.

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