Sergeant Robbie Jephcott 2343 of Dorset police has totally lost the plot – Crimebodge

Sergeant Robbie Jephcott 2343 goes off the rails in a shameful, ego fuelled display of aggression toward a driver who refuses to follow his unlawful demands.


  1. I will always film the police if they stop me in the car after seeing this video on YouTube and my daughter use to work for the police .2343 is a disgrace to the uniform he wears

  2. Seeing this video on YouTube,I will always now film a police officer ,if I am stop by one . 2343 is a disgrace to the uniform he wears .

  3. This is typical of Dorset cops. Corruption is endemic; in the last few months there’s been the Dorset Strangler Cop and the Dorset Sexual Abuse Inspector. Criminality is at every level and senior figures in Dorset Police make no attempt to control them or eradicate corruption. Bullying, Cowardice and fraudulent narrative are the core skills in Hot Fuzz Dorset.

  4. This officer is having a mental breakdown. While I find that amusing because I have no fellow feeling with the police, it is worrying from a public safety perspective.

    Well omg look who it is!!! I was stopped last year by the same copper and he was as equally as aggressive, and thought he would be able to control me with his bully boy attitude and aggression! He soon found out that I’m afraid I don’t back down from bullies, especially when I know I’m in the right!
    He actually told me that as he’s on the no excuse team he can do whatever he likes and that usually people don’t argue and just do as they’re told!
    Then he told me if I didn’t agree with him that I’m wrong and he’s right he’ll arrest me, take me down to the station and I’ll have an arrest record…..I said okay let’s go….I was fully prepared to waste his time with all the paperwork as much as he was wasting mine and trying to bully me! The look on his face was priceless when I wouldn’t agree with him and I said let’s go to the station…..I could see right through him that he was trying to call my bluff…..unfortunately for him he’d picked the wrong chap to attempt to bully as I will not back down if I think I’m right about something…..and in this case that something was his terrible driving and pulling in front of me almost hitting me where I beeped at him to which he braked hard, so I beeped again after braking so as not to run into the back of him! He pulled me over further along the dual carriage way and was immediately aggressive, in the exact same manner, to which I repeatedly argued my point!
    I also used my phone to video him of which I’ll be uploading if I can find the footage! This awful, unprofessional and intimidating public servant needs a change in career as he’s clearly unsuited to serve the public as his inflated ego and narcissistic nature has clouded his judgment!
    After, he’d forcefully put me in cuffs and taken me to his car, he again repeatedly attempted to bully and aggressively argue that he was right and I was wrong. He kept repeating himself that I’m on video and being recorded to which I said he’d already told me that several times and it makes no difference as I will not back down, which was when he said most people don’t argue and take the ticket! I told him he was being pedantic as he was trying his very best to pin other charges on me. By this point he realised he was going to get nowhere as we’d been sat in the car at least 30 minutes going round in circles. He finally said that if I admit that he’s right he’ll let me go…..which was a clear indication to me that his whole reason for having a career in authority is to feed his ugly ego…..however, I then told him in a rather smug condescending manner that he was completely right! As he got out of the car to walk around the back to let me out, I looked straight into the camera and gave a smug smirk…..I’ll bet a pound to a penny that no one got to see that footage of him not being able to control and bully someone as I’m sure he would’ve deleted it! It’s people like him that give the police a bad name and it’s high time he was further exposed and dealt with!

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