So, I breached my restraining order and am now waiting on Lancashire police to take action…

In March 2020, Lancashire police used just c£37k of public money (your money) to pursue a malicious restraining order against me.

Their allegation was that I have apparently ‘harassed’ the entire Lancashire police force, so much so, there is now a blanket gagging order on me, stopping me blogging about Lancashire police officers, forever.

The order was enforced by QC David Knifton (a current barrister and suspected Freemason, who has failed to declare he has police as fee-paying clients…)

I queried the restraining order with Lancashire police legal services as, my interpretation was that  I can mention Lancashire police officers by name, as long as it is not ‘abusive‘.

Lancashire police Legal services replied that the restraining order is to prevent me from ANY mention of ANY Lancashire police officer, on ANY part of the internet, including Facebook.

Wow, a breach of my fundamental Human Rights.

I had notified Lancashire legal services that the order is far too broad ‘disproportionate‘.  I also pointed out that it is ‘more than necessary in a democratic society‘ and clearly ‘has no pressing need‘.  These are the lawful ingredients of a restraining order that Lancashire police have total disregard for.

About 2 weeks ago, I was on Facebook, (minding my own business), I was in a Facebook group that has almost 50,000 members.  I asked a question and a pleasant member of the group gave a kind response.  I pleasantly replied to this person, in which, my comment included their full name.  This then transpired to be a Lancashire police officer…  BLAST, I had breached my restraining order which is akin to walking through a minefield!

I, of course, did this totally innocently and unintentionally and had no way of predicting this could happen, but as Lancashire police paid almost £40,000 of public money to get this order written by their ‘professional lawyers‘, and then clarified by formal letter.

It is absolutely in the public interest that I am charged with this offence, otherwise, why spend almost £40,000 of public money (your money)

The real reason is that they are ‘trying‘ to get me to foot their vast bill for this restraining order.  The c£37k was reduced to £30k after they were found to have artificially inflated their costs.

So, this whole pantomime was intended to penalise me for suing them for £35,000 in November 2018, they wanted revenge and wanted their money back.  Like a gang of bullies in the School playground.

So, like a good citizen, I called Lancashire police on the 12th November and reported this breach of my restraining order, I was given an incident number.

After taking all the details from me, the 101 operator seemed quite surprised of my report and had to go and speak with her manager.  After taking some lengthy advice, she returned and told me she needed to make a call to someone else and would ring me back.

Today, 20th November, (over a week later) and I have still not had the promised call back, so I called 101 for an update.

I was told that there were ‘a lot of notes to read through’ but other than that, I was told it had been passed to an Inspector who was dealing with it, apparently doing ‘further enquiries‘.

I offered to send the evidence of the breach of the restraining order to assist their enquiries, but was told not to send it, they would ask if they need it?

So, I am waiting to see what Lancashire police intend to do?

I have apparently breached an official court order that must now be dealt with in the Crown Court and when there, I will explain everything.

I intend to update this blog post as things develop. Please pop back for updates to this article, or, why not join our Mailing List, Telegram group or Facebook group for early updates.



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