Staffordshire Police staff arrested amid misconduct inquiry

Staffordshire Police

Three members of Staffordshire Police staff have been arrested as part of a misconduct inquiry.

The force was conducting an investigation into offences including conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

A number of people are also assisting with ongoing inquiries, Staffordshire Police said.

People have the right to expect high standards from police, the force said.

In a statement the force said:

“Local communities rightly expect the highest standards of professional behaviour from police officers and police staff and can be reassured that we will root out and investigate any wrongdoing and ensure that offenders are brought to justice.”

The three have since been released under investigation.

UPDATE: 24/1/2022

After contacting Staffordshire police for an update, they provide the following response;

“The investigation is ongoing.”


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