Supt Muzemil Kernain lies to a vicitm of police abuse

Muzemil Kernain

A Female made a complaint to Greater Manchester Police (GMP) for alleged unlawful forced entry to her home and a subsequent unlawful search and seizure of her property.

The complaint was dealt with by GMP Superintendent Muzemil Kernain.

GMP Supt Muzemil Kernain
GMP Supt Muzemil Kernain

In his formal response to the victim, not upholding her complaint, Muz Kernain assured the female that GMP had not searched her home nor had GMP seized any of her property. Muzemil Kernain instead blamed Lancashire police.

Supt Muzemil Kernain Complaint response
Supt Muzemil Kernain Complaint response

The victim is now taking the matter to appeal, given that Muzemil Kernain has been proven to have intentionally lied to her.

The victim has provided the UKCP website with the evidence of the search and seizure of property, which positively identified GMP as the police force. We have seen the originals, which have been redacted to remove personal information

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