Tanya Shotbolt of Bedfordshire police accused of Misconduct over a Judicial Review

I have blogged on this website several times about a Malicious Website that was created by George Vella,  targeting me and my wife, labelling us paedophiles, and that Bedfordshire police, under direction from Lancashire police refused to investigate.

Since this time, a private protection has been granted against George Vella to face charges under s1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 for what he did to us.

As Bedfordshire police refused to investigate a criminal offence, it was necessary to bring a Judicial Review of their decision, one which cost the taxpayer around £20,000 in legal fees.  The Judicial review was conceded by Bedfordshire police before it got to trial.  It was clear that Bedfordshire police tried to call my bluff and only after racking up a whopping legal bill (paid for by you, the taxpayer) did they chuck in the towel.

Bedfordshire police agreed by a mutual consent order to review their decision not to prosecute George Vella for the grossly offensive website he created.

Bedfordshire police has confirmed that George Vella admitted to buying the malicious domain and website and although Bedfordshire police say Vella would deny any involvement in the website creation, , the mere fact Vella facilitated the website creation, and, shared it once it was created is a criminal offence under the Malicious Communications Act 1988.  An offence that the Magistrates Court were satisfied was made out.

Under a High Court Mutual Consent Order, Bedfordshire police tasked one of their own, Tanya Shotbolt,  with the Bedfordshire review of the decision they want to bury.

What followed is nothing less than corruption. A police coverup and one which has now led to a police complaint against Shotbolt and criminal allegation, of misconduct in public office and very well may result in another Judicial Review.

Tanya Shotbolt reviewed the decision, and without considering any evidence whatsoever, came to the same decision that George Vella would not even be interviewed, been though she confirmed Vella had admitted to the purchase of the domain and the fact that Vella has also shared the malicious website.

This is unquestionably an abuse of power, it is misconduct in public office and is perverting the course of justice.

As I say, the exact same evidence that Bedfordshire police have was provided to the courts who have issued a summons against George Vella for what he did, yet, for some reason, Bedfordshire police are dead set on not doing their job.

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