UK Corrupt Police website hounded in a police witch hunt – GDPR request DENIED!

DC Neil Patrick of Cambridgeshire police has made a subject access request to this private website seeking the identities of people commenting under their right Article 10: Freedom of expression.

This document is published below.

This is the request by police for peoples confidential information (email addresses and IP addresses).

We do not record any information and as we have made quite clear, no information will ever be released without a court order.

For the Record, DC Neil Patrick has already directly contacted Mr Ponting, trying to coerce him to be a witness for the police.  Mr Ponting has categorically refused and told DC Neil Patrick he has never been and never would be a witness for the police in what can only be described as a witch hunt.

DC Neil Patrick is also aware that Norfolk police has already (knowingly breached) Mr Ponting’s private data yet seeks data from Mr Ponting about others.

Norfolk Police used Mr Ponting’s name and placed it on a police document which they provided to a 3rd party.   The document falsely told the 3rd party that Mr Ponting was a police witness and that the 3rd party therefore had (unlawful) bail restrictions imposed, blocking her from contacting Mr Ponting.

The police were aware that Mr Ponting was a witness for the 3rd party and by imposing these bail conditions, the 3rd party was blocked from access to her witness for a civil action brought against her by… the police themselves.

This is alleged to be an unlawful use of bail conditions and was an abuse of Mr Ponting’s personal data, the ICO are aware and are investigating, civil action is being considered.

It is rich that the police are now seeking private information about people from this website under the guise of GDPR.

It has already been reported to Norfolk police that DS Matthew Abbs has unlawfully accessed this website and Norfolk police are currently no doubt investigating (covering up)  this allegation.

We remind those who comment on this website, your comments are your own responsibility.  Any that are reported as offensive may be deleted.  No comments have been reported by anyone to date so it is assumed none are offensive to anyone, none appear criminal.

In any event, No comment has been identified by police as criminal, this is just a fishing expedition by police for people details.

Request DENIED.




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