Victims of police – BE AWARE who you ask for help – AAAPPP is Ildar Sharipov

Victims need to be aware of a bogus UK organisation created by a Russian National under the guise of a UK Limited Company.

It is a sad fact that most victims get rejections from the best solicitors not necessarily because they do not have a case but because solicitors often have limited capacity to take on cases.

Many then resort to seeking help from unregulated websites (including ours) without any consideration of who runs them or what they may do with your personal data.

I am referring to AAAPPP Ltd.

The website claims to be a UK Ltd company and a UK organisation (it isn’t).  Reviewing the limited company on Companies House, it is owned solely by a man named Ildar Sharipov. The address used is not his address but a shared address with 1’000’s of other vague companies.


I know Iildar, or should I say I was ‘headhunted‘ by him.  Ildar is a Russian national and facing criminal allegations for money laundering.

Ildar instructed David Hanman of Liverpool law firm Cobleys to contact me.

I was asked to meet under very suspicious circumstances in a Liverpool branch office, no names were given, the meeting was surreal, treating the client as ‘top secret‘.  I was told that a very wealthy businessman wanted me ‘onboard’.  I audio recorded the meeting.

After some weeks of vague communication, I was introduced to Sharipov on Telegram,   he made me sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before revealing many of his secrets and intentions.

He offered me a flight to Singapore to meet face to face, all costs covered by him… but what did he want?

Sharipov wanted details I have about Merseyside police, he wanted me purely for his own gain, even with his vast wealth, he refused to assist me in any way but wanted me to drop everything that I do relating to my campaign holding the police to account and wanted me solely to help him fight his case.

Obviously, I dropped him like a stone, he then developed the website AAAPPP.ORG.UK, proclaiming to be a UK Organisation intended to be an Association Against Abuse of Police Powers and Privileges.

He is attempting to get UK victims of police on his side to help him.  He has massive financial resources and rather than hire the best barrister in the country, he seemingly targets UK victims of police in what appears to be to get them to help him.

Is he a criminal?  I do not know for certain.  Nothing he told me convinced me he was innocent, in fact, what he told me appeared fanciful at best.

The bottom line is, that Sharipov falsely advertises as a UK Organisation and a UK Limited Company, that is operated by a Russian national who is under criminal investigation in the UK.

If you contact him and send him your personal details, they are not covered by any UK GDPR regulations, anything you send can, and most likely, will, be used to help him, not you.

From my personal experience, he has not helped a single person challenge police, he has used everyone and anyone as a weapon to support his own agenda.

I asked him to contribute to a UK charity and fundraiser, to assist others in taking action against the police, one where he could have been a contributor. He was not interested in anything other than himself.

BE CAREFUL is all I will say.



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