Woman was falsely accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy by a disgraced cop


Fiona Miller, 38, endured two years of harassment and lies made up against her by PC Kelly Jarvis, who also reported the mum to the NSPCC over claims she was mistreating her own son.

The former mounted officer has since been allowed to quit her role with Cleveland Police – and keep her pension – rather than face an inquiry over her behaviour.

Jarvis, also 38, sparked up a friendship with Ms Miller in 2013 after meeting at the stables where they both kept their horses in Ormesby near Middlesbrough.

But things became sour when Ms Miller reportedly felt the policewoman was ‘too keen’ to become her friend and she “wasn’t comfortable in her company”.

After she started to distance herself from Jarvis she began to receive a raft of messages from fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Ms Miller, a veterinary receptionist, claims Jarvis used the names ‘Willows Mark’ and ‘Zara Wilson’ to harass her.

In one she sent a message to Ms Miller’s pal claiming she had sex with a 14-year-old when she was 25.

She also received an expletive-laced message warning her off her current partner, Stephen Carter, 34, who owned the stables, and also got a text from an unknown number claiming he had got someone else pregnant.

She became suspicious when another supposedly fake account was written in the same style in which Jarvis wrote her messages – while tweets were also sent to the police officer.

A confidential report also revealed that Jarvis made four false claims to the NSPCC that Ms Miller was mistreating her three-year-old son Tommy.

Ms Miller said the first call the officer made to the children’s charity claimed that she had left her little boy wandering alone in a pig pen.

Jarvis also submitted an intelligence log into the force computer alleging that Miller had a “historical sexual relationship with an underage male”.

The report states witnesses were “shocked and mortified” at the level Jarvis would go to while the scale of the harassment campaign left Ms Miller terrified.

The mum of one claimed at first she felt there was little point trying to raise a complaint.

“It seemed that far-fetched at first it wasn’t worth going into – I mean, sleeping with 14-year-old boys?” she said. “But when she brought my son into it the line was crossed.”

She added: “I’m still puzzled as to why she did what she did, but it could have been devastating.

“She attempted to have my son taken off me time after time – it’s terrifying how much power the police have.”

Interviewed under police caution, Jarvis denied harassment but admitted making the NSPCC referrals – claiming they were based on “genuine” concern for the child.

Yet the Cleveland Police claim that due to unspecified health reasons, her disciplinary hearing – which the then Home Secretary Theresa May ordered police forces to hold in public – didn’t have to take place.

An investigation also found Jarvis accessed computer systems for reasons other than a police purpose.

The police submitted a file to the Crown Prosecution Service but it opted not to take the case any further, and no criminal charges were brought.

Prosecutor Fiona Varley told Ms Miller in a letter that, while Jarvis’ behaviour was “unpleasant to say the least”, the messages couldn’t satisfy an offence.


Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2211302/woman-was-falsely-accused-of-having-sex-with-a-14-year-old-boy-by-a-disgraced-cop-in-row-over-a-pig/

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