Another Lancashire police officer under criminal investigation for perjury against the same victim

Lancashire police professional standards (PSD) have confirmed that a female police officer, DC H*******, (based out of Ormskirk police station) is under criminal investigation for perjury, contrary to the Perjury Act 1911.

We are not naming the officer at present to avoid any suggestion that an injunction that is in place is breached.

This is the same injunction that DC H******* provided a false and malicious statement for, in what appeared to be an attempt to assist Lancashire police bringing the injunction, at any cost.

DC H******* said that when she was asked to help Lancashire police with the injunction application, she ‘JUMPED AT THE CHANCE‘.

She then knowingly and intentionally wrote a falsified statement that has found her subject to a criminal investigation by the police force she was assisting.

This raises concerns over Lancashire police force undertaking the investigation.

Within her perjured statement, DC H******* made numerous sickening and falsified allegations that were without doubt, intended to maliciously discredit the man.

The false allegations have been confirmed by Lancashire police to have no merit whatsoever, even so, the female officer continued to present this false information as live evidence under sworn oath to the court.

Some of the false allegations made by the female officer affirm that;

The man sits outside Ormskirk police station, noting vehicle details. – FALSE

The man sits outside Schools where the officers children attend. – FALSE  

The man harasses officers when they collect children from School. – FALSE

It must be made clear none of the above has any merit.  The comments were fabricated in the mind of DC H*******.

Furthermore, and for arguments sake, if it were true, you would expect the police officers involved in these numerous allegations would have created some sort incident logs on the police systems?

Not a single log exists anywhere in any form.

This was confirmed after the man made a subject access request (SAR) for any information relating to these malicious allegations to prove the ridiculous allegations did not exist.

Lancashire police confirmed that no incidents had ever been reported by any member of Lancashire police!

DC H******* also said in her signed statement of truth;

The man stalked her while she was out with friends, and posted photographs of her on social media!

A new Subject Access Request has been submitted for information about this falsified allegation to prove it does not exist.

Obviously DC H*******, being a police officer would have reported such a ‘stalking’ incident as stalking is a serious criminal offence and she openly stated that photographs of her were posted on social media, an easily provable lie, as such photographs and the incident must of course be logged as evidence.

Furthermore, in her statement, DC H******* said;

During the time [2016] police were at severe risk of terrorist threats, ‘the man’ has been advertising the towns where police officers live, advertising the schools their children attend and being sat outside police stations taking down the personal vehicle details and by doing so putting them [Lancashire police officers] at severe risk.

Finally, DC H******* attributed a serious health issue to be caused by the man.

This health issue that was (apparently) so severe, that DC H******* took 12 months off work on sick leave (no doubt paid) and attributed this entire illness to be caused by the man.  This allegation was written in her witness statement and additionally given as live evidence.

When asked to produce ANY evidence to support this, she refused.

was asked to show any medical evidence where it stated the man was attributed to her illness, she refused point blank to show anything at all to support this, even to the judge.

The officer was well aware that the man has an audio recording with a Lancashire police Superintendent, who confirmed on the recording that her illness was attributed to other factors, including a ‘raging argument‘ she had with her Inspector and was nothing at all to do with the man.

This recording is available to both the IOPC and Lancashire police to review as evidence of perjury.

DC H******* is now the subject of a  criminal investigation and it is expected that this investigation will be subject to a decision by CPS to bring criminal charges.

Should Lancashire police (or CPS)  in any way hinder this investigation, a private prosecution is being considered.




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