Met (London)

Lambeth sex abuse survivors demand new inquiry into police failings

Survivors have demanded a new and independent inquiry into police involvement in historic child abuse in Lambeth over police involvement in the scandal. The leader of Shirley Oaks Survivors Association has said an independent inquiry into abuse led by Alexis Jay, whose findings were published on Tuesday, should have spelt out that there was an organised […] […]

All police

MPs rebuke police for ‘systemic failure’ to improve record on race

Failings have led to ‘unjustified inequalities’, says landmark report that finds little progress in 22 years since Macpherson Police and governments have done too little to stamp out racial injustice in the ranks, with the failings being systemic and leading to “unjustified inequalities”, a report by an all-party committee of MPs has found. The report […] […]

West Midlands

Police accused of inaction as woman mauled in dog attack

Helen Colbourne was out walking her cockapoo Digby when an off-leash chow chow knocked her to the ground and sank its teeth into her leg. The attack in Walsall left the 50-year-old in agony with a deep, six-inch circular bite mark that has required repeated hospital treatment. But her husband Rob said that after eventually […] […]