Application for position of Metropolitan Police commissioner – Employ me? (not another Dick!)

Dear Home Secretary,

I wish to apply for the position of Metropolitan Police Commissioner, my application will set out why I would be a suitable candidate.

I despise police corruption and would not stop until it is stamped out.

I expect every single police constable, of any rank, to undertake their role as a police constable honestly and ethically, those that do not will be swiftly held to account.

Any constable that reports corruption would be praised for doing so, and any constable involved in their persistence to root out police corruption, even to their own detriment, would be suitably rewarded with honours for bravery and integrity,

Bravery rewards are given to constables who go ‘over and above‘ and while there are many constables who do that and should be rewarded for that, many others who report corruption are themselves tormented and bullied by other officers.

A commission’s role is to oversee policing, not protect police, but to hold them to account and ensure they do a good job.

Why not consider someone for the job who is suitably qualified and suitable prepared to go over and above to ensure the police force is cleansed of the rot within it and let try to build a police force that is fit for purpose.

As a gesture of goodwill, I will accept a 50% pay cut while I prove my worth. What do you have to lose?

Why would any potential employee refuse to give a job to a person they know is the best person for the job?

My resume is this website and my dedication to rooting out corruption.  We need good police, we do not need the rotten apples that ruin it for everyone.

I have no criminal convictions and can provide references.

Paul Ponting


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  1. When police officers are excluded from joining secret societies, it will stop conflicts of interest. It is often said ” No one is above the law ” That has been proved to be a false premise. The people are losing faith in the Government, the police, justice system, social services and the NHS. The rot has been at the top for years. Public servants are paid from taxpayer’s money, and they have become complacent. It will not be long before a spark becomes a fire. The kindling is there and just waiting to be lit.

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