Police accused of ‘breaking law’ to target sex workers with ‘bullying and intimidating tactics’

Police officers have been accused of ignoring the law in order to “bully, harass and intimidate” sex workers. Two letters, sent to police by campaigners and shared exclusively with The Independent, accuse officers of refusing to show warrant cards before raiding sex workers’ premises and declining to identify themselves. The letters, written by Niki Adams, […] […]


New Tory police deputy to be paid same as almost three new constables

HAMPSHIRE’S new deputy police and crime commissioner is to be paid £64,500 – equivalent to the annual salaries of almost three new police constables. Terry Norton, a Conservative councillor from Portsmouth, has been named by Donna Jones as her preferred right-hand-man after former deputy Luke Stubbs resigned from the position in February. Mr Stubbs stood […] […]

Police force

Why the police in England and Wales must do more than just learn lessons

Police accountability is crucial to trust and confidence in the police. Quite what form that accountability should take, though, is a matter of debate. Isolated incidents of excessive force may correctly be seen as culpable and requiring disciplinary action. Others might more appropriately be interpreted as indicating that training is needed. The question, then, is […] […]