Arson attack why are Lancashire police avoiding further investigations and leads

For 3 years, Lancashire police have been unable or ‘unwilling‘ to follow up leads on a serious Arson Attack on our home in 2017, the incident was covered by BBC Crimewatch, archived here;

Significant leads have been provided to Lancashire police since the attack in March 2017 including two independent female witnesses coming forward with crucial evidence, it is understood that none of these leads have been followed up by Lancashire police.

All information suggests the arsonists are liked to Lancashire police operatives giving rise to suspicions that Lancashire police are reluctant to investigate and hold ‘their‘ arsonists to account!

One man, Neil Wilkes, who is a confirmed operative of Lancashire police, stated that he is in direct communication with the arsonists.  He even claimed to know who the arsonist was shortly after the attack in 2017 but said his ‘lips are sealed‘,  Lancashire police did not speak to him!  This was around the same time Neil Wilkes was enlisted as a Lancashire police operative.

Darren Hogan has been named as the alleged arsonist and is a good friend of Neil Wilkes.

Darren Hogan was charged with harassment and malicious communications against me and my wife in 2017, he was convicted after he made a guilty plea of harassment, in exchange for the more serious offence of Malicious Communications be dropped by the CPS.

In 2017, Darren Hogan was photographed with a bandage on his hand, thought to be a burn injury. Lancashire police did not follow up this lead, in fact, Lancashire police dismissed it as not relevant! Odd, as Darren Hogan was enlisted as a Lancashire police operative shortly afterwards?

A female (who Darren Hogan is alleged to have sexually assaulted), reported her attacker to the police, and that her alleged attacker, Darren Hogan, admitted to being the arsonist. This female has never been asked to give a statement.

An ex-partner of Darren Hogan contacted the police as she saw what appeared to be a burn injury on Darren Hogans hand underneath the bandage, days after the arson attack.

There are 3 men who have been confirmed as being Lancashire police operatives. Darren Hogan, Neil Wilkes and George Vella.

Darren Hogan & Neil Wilkes are both of Wolverhampton.  George Vella is an old man from Bedfordshire.

There is no information to suggest that George Vella is involved in the arson attack although George Vella has repeatedly made derogatory comments about the arson attack online, even on Lancashire police’s own Facebook page.  George Vella has posted dozens of malicious articles about us on Facebook and is apparently in direct communication with Lancashire police officers.

In a final twist, Neil Wilkes alleged to have received a video of a young boy being coerced into making a video.  He distributed this to George Vella and Darren Hogan.  Hogan went on to distribute this to a female who came forward telling police she had received such a video, the police have done nothing about this either.

Darren Hogan has police cautions for Child abuse,  Neil Wilkes is alleged to have slept with and got a minor pregnant. (confirmed by his own wife, Marie Wilkes)

It is not known who coerced the young boy (a child) in the video to make such a disgusting video, but this raises suspicions how it ‘fell‘ into the hands of two men who have allegations of criminality against minors.


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