George Vella accuses this website of distributing Child Abuse images

A man called George Vella, from Churchfield Road in Bedfordshire has maliciously accused ‘this’ website of distributing child abuse images.

This is the 2nd time George Vella, a 5ft, 65+ male who lives on his own has become involved in malicious child abuse allegations.

George Vella is intent on harming Paul Ponting with false allegations and ‘came across’ (whilst stalking Paul Ponting) an innocent image of children which had been uploaded to this website.

The image had been uploaded by another editor of this website who is currently drafting his own article. The image is an innocent photograph of his children.

George Vella then maliciously accused Paul Ponting of distributing child abuse images. Interestingly, George Vella has been involved in previous attempts to ‘frame’ Paul Ponting with sick, falsified CHILD ABUSE allegations.

Sometime last year, George Vella was given a fake child abuse video by his good friend Neil Wilkes.

Someone ‘allegedly’ posted this fake video through Neil Wilkes door, which was of a child allegedly accusing Paul Ponting of grooming him.

Police have confirmed the video is fake, but the worrying thing is that someone actually coerced a child into making this video in an attempt to harm Paul Ponting. More worrying is that George Vella and Neil Wilkes came to be in possession of this video and distributed it!

Rather than Neil Wilkes handing this video to the police…  he ‘distributed it‘, by sending it to George Vella.  George Vella then, rather than take it to his local police force, went direct to his ‘contact’ in Lancashire police, 100’s of miles away.  The video was also further distributed by Vella and Wilkes to convict, Darren Hogan who shared it to a female named Hannah.

Fortunately, Lancashire police have confirmed the video is faked and clearly created to try to frame Paul Ponting.

They have closed the case, not seeming to be too interested in who made the video and why?

Now, a malicious posting on another website, created by George Vella, has made serious allegations that there are child abuse images on this website.


What in fact George Vella has done, is scoured this website and found a photograph which is part of an article, pre-publication. and using his own sick imagination, formulated a sick allegation aginst Paul Ponting.

The author producing the other article is a UK Journalist and the image, that the sick old man George Vella accuses as being CATEGORY C CHILD ABUSE Images, are in fact, images of the Journalist own children which for part of an article he is writing about.

This author is aware of the sickening use of his children’s photographs by George Vella and is assisting police in their investigations.

George Vella is insistent on attacking Paul Ponting, why?

Paul Ponting is a victim of Lancashire police and the reason why, is because he blogged on this website about a protected police informant.

George Vella is an administrator of a Facebook group called, Police Corruption and Wrongdoing.

Why would George Vella be so desperate to attack another person who is a victim of what he claims to stand for?

George Vella was part of a Lancashire police operation called, ‘Operation Malaya‘ intended to frame Paul Ponting.

Why does George Vella want to stop this website from publishing the truth about Police Corruption?

Is George Vella a police Informant?  He seems to be playing a big role in working with them.


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