Bedfordshire Police Chief Constable Garry Forsythe on notice of Contempt of Court Application

Today, the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire police, Garry Forsythe (the defendant) has been put on notice of an application against him for Contempt of Court Proceedings in the High Court of London.

In February 2022, after causing a loss over over £12,000 to taxpayers, after his futile defence to a Judicial Review, the legal representative acting on behalf of the defendant, signed a High Court consent order.

The order was that Bedfordshire police would review an illegal decision they made where they refused to prosecute (or in any way investigate) 65 year old George Vella of Churchfield Road, Houghton Regis after Vella created a sickening malicious website labelling an innocent man a paedophile and compared the mans wife to serial killer Rose West.  Vella also targeted two elderly ladies, one who lives in a care home.

Chief Constable Garry Forsythe, has accepted that the decision made by Bedfordshire police was unlawful and agreed to review the decision, but only after causing significant costs to the public.

Bedfordshire police simply ignored the communication from claimants Barrister leading to the Contempt Proceedings.

Garry Forsyth is obviously intent to protect George Vella (at the request of Lancashire police), and in doing so, is now facing the reputational damage of Contempt of Court proceedings.

The defendant has also been put on notice of further legal costs, cost that will be paid for by taxpayers although options will be considered to see the Chief Constable cover the costs personally.

Further information will be made in the public interest.



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  1. Perps can’t stand it when we the victims of their abuse campaigns progress .
    It’s not bern your lots week .
    Thank God ..!
    Your NHWN have been exposed and membership decreasing ..

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