Cleveland Police inspector Jonathan Stansmore found guilty of gross misconduct and sacked without notice

A police inspector accused of treating a work conference as a “drinking expedition” has been found guilty of gross misconduct.

And following the two-week disciplinary hearing, Inspector Jonathan Stansmore was sacked without notice.

As reported, Mr Stansmore missed most of a National Cyber Protect Conference which he had travelled to in Cardiff in September 2019.

He was due to attend both days of the conference in Wales and expenses were incurred for his flights, his accommodation and his meals.

But the hearing in Hartlepool was told how he turned up late on the first day, left early and failed to attend the second day.

At one point he was described as being “mortal drunk” and “stumbling around” after dinner.

It was suggested he didn’t attend the conference the next day due to being hungover.

The officer was handed a notice about his conduct and went on to contact the investigating officer in the case.

It was claimed he told him it was a “s****y complaint” and he “needed to get rid of it”.

He was accused of breaching standards of professional behaviour while contacting the investigating officer on November 1, 2019.

During his evidence on Tuesday, Mr Stansmore told the hearing that he was not drunk at the conference.

The hearing was also told he had received two Chief Constable commendations and had been lined up for a national cybercrime role while suspended from the force.

He denied both misconduct and gross misconduct.

But Cleveland Police had claimed that Mr Stansmore “acted inappropriately in a manner where his behaviour was unacceptable” and breached standards of professional behaviour.

And on Friday, the hearing concluded and Mr Stansmore was found guilty of guilty misconduct and sacked without notice.

Following the ruling, Superintendent Paul Waugh, directorate of standards and ethics at Cleveland Police, said: “Today’s hearing determined this officer’s behaviour amounted to gross misconduct and that it was so serious it justifies dismissal without notice.

“All officers agree to abide to our standards of professional behaviour and further, we expect exemplary behaviour from anyone in a leadership position.

“We thoroughly investigate any alleged breaches of standards and take robust action when necessary.”

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