Complaint made to UKCP website from disgraced ex-cop, Rick Pendlbury

Further to our exclusive article (read here) where so far, two survivors under the support of The Maggie Oliver Foundation (TMOF) and one other survivor, have come forward with serious allegations against the Head of Safeguarding, and, Legal Advocacy Manager, Rick Pendlebury.

Three allegations have so far been made. (The survivors have agreed to provide their accounts directly to TMOF).

  • Allegation 1: Rick spoke to survivor A and pointed to another survivor, (Survivor X) stating that Survivor X had been conned out of money by a innocent man (P) and that Survivor X had to then get ‘support’ from another person. (the kind of support was not stated)
  • Allegation 2: Rick spoke to the same Survivor A about the personal data of another survivor (Survivor Y) without the knowledge or permission of Survivor Y.
  • Allegation 3: Rick spoke to a survivor (Survivor B) about another survivor, (Survivor Z) in a derogatory way leading to Survivor B becoming concened of the conduct of Rick relating to her own personal data and the lack of compassion for other survivors with mental health issues.

The above allegations were made by the above survivors after their contact with Rick at the Survivors Ball on , an event that is open to Survivors (and a partner) where they are assured safety by the restricted and ID checked guest list.

Rick announces on his TMOF profile that one of his roles is “building and managing our CRM system“, CRM is “Customer relationship management“, and what that is, is the private and sensitive data of the business and the enrolled survivors and their sensitive data.

After the dismissal of Rick Pendlebury  for gross misconduct, Deputy Chief Constable Ian Pilling said

What’s clear in this case is that the officer’s actions were dishonest in that he knew the information was sensitive and not for distribution and divulging it would amount to a breach of professional standards.

“In addition, his actions potentially compromised information that had been given to GMP from a third party and had the potential to impact on live or future investigations.

Questions have been raised over the suitability of Rick Pendlebury for the position of Head of Safeguarding (or Legal Advocacy Manager) given his previous conduct as an ex, disgraced Greater Manchester Police officer, where he was charged (although acquitted) for Shoplifting and later dismissed for gross misconduct for serious data breach offences. (read about this on the Manchester Evening News website)


Rick Pendlebury has now attempted to have the UKCP website ‘taken down’ with the following complaint

I am writing to bring to your attention defamatory content that is hosted on your servers and to formally request its removal. The content in question is located at the following URL: This content contains false and defamatory statements about me, as well as other reputable organizations, individuals, and police forces, including Lancashire Police, who have successfully sued the website owner for defamation According to your terms of service, such content I am sure will violate any terms pertaining to defamation, false information, or harmful content. Your terms of service clearly state that the platform must not be used for defamation. This particular website is using your platform to publicly defame large, reputable organizations, individuals, and law enforcement agencies. The defamatory content is causing significant harm to reputations and is in direct violation of your policies. Given the nature of this content and its impact, I kindly request that you take immediate action to remove it from your servers. I have made previous attempts to contact the website owner and request the removal of this defamatory material, but unfortunately, my requests have been ignored. As the hosting provider, you have the authority to enforce your terms of service and ensure that defamatory content is not hosted on your servers. The website in question is causing your own reputation to be in disrepute, as this information is publicly accessible via the ICANN lookup database. It would be in your best interest to address this concern seriously and promptly. I have reported this matter to Greater Manchester Police and they have crimed the matter. Their reference [provided to and redacted by UKCP]. I am prepared to provide further additional evidence to support my claim and demonstrate the defamatory nature of the content. Please confirm receipt of this email and inform me of the steps you will take to address this issue. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and your cooperation in ensuring that your platform is not used to host harmful and false information. Thank you for your understanding and assistance. Sincerely, Richard Pendlebury [address provided to and by redacted by the UKCP website]

I make the following observations of the above unsubstantiated and vexacious complaint.

  1. Rick has been offered a right of reply. He has not provided one but claims repeatedly that he has been ignored. This is false. This offer was made to him by UKCP while in email communication with Maggie Oliver (founder) and Jennie Lucas (CEO) who agreen that a thorough investigation will follow.
  2. Rick has persistently failed to identify what defamatory material he alledges so that action, if necessary, can be taken (and if found to be substantiated as defamatory).
  3. The owner of UKCP has not been sued for defamation.
  4. Rick cannot substantiate any wild allegations that others, including organisations, have been defamed. Defamation is a Civil Tort and no actions have been brought.
  5. No identifiabe crime has been noted as alleged by Rick. Greater Manchester police press office have been asked for thier comment.
  6. Rick claims in his complaint that he is prepared to provide ‘additional evidence to support a claim of defamation’. UKCP has requested this evidence via direct communication with Maggie Oliver, so far, no evidence has been provided.

In the ongoing communication with Maggie regarding the complaint, she has confirmed that TMOF are aware of the allegations and that she is aware of the identities of those who have made the allegations.

A rogue self proclaimed journalist, widely known as a “Malicious Blogger” (and who will not be idenfied) has has gone on to support Rick, by intentionaly misleading his readers ,by identifying Rick Pendlebury as “Former Greater Manchester Police sergeant, Rick Pendlebury”.

The Malicious Blogger has intentinally failed to make any reference to the fact that Rick was dismissed for gross misconductfrom Greater Manchester police.

The Malicious Blogger has falsly and publicly made false accusations agaisnt another person.

Maggie has made a public statement (beleive to relate to the malicious blooger) as he has made it apparant he is trying to contact survivors. (read the announcement here)

In ongoing private communication with Maggie Oliver, she has stated

I would say that to the very best of my knowledge there has been no communication with [Malicious Blogger] and he is not connected with TMOF”.

Maggie Oliver has so far not commented on what (if any) safeguarding has been put in place in light of the serious allegations made by those survivors that the charity support.

Maggie is aware that Rick has been offered a right of reply to the previous article and that offer has not been taken up. The offer remains open and Rick is invited to reply to the email address that Maggie has for our direct communication.

Maggie is aware that the affected parties are considering legal action against Rick and that the parties at this stage only intend to hold Rick accountable as although he was at a formal TMOF event, he was not acting within the terms and conditions of TMOF for which he is allegedly in breach. Understandably Maggie would not be expected to comment on this.

Maggie is aware that Rick has made criminal allegations related to the original article, but states this is a private matter for Rick.

Maggie is aware that Rick has attempted to hamper with the operation of this website by unsubstantated and false claims to upstream providers.

Maggie is aware that Rick has refused to identify any defamatory information to UKCP.

No criticism of TMOF is made, these are allegations against an employee and while he works for TMOF, it is beleived he was acting alone and not under any knowledge or authority of TMOF.

It is understood that Rick Pendlebury denies all allegations.

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