Crime report against George Vella and others. A step too far and a serious line crossed

Our family are continually distressed by the targetting from George Vella and his friends with them making disgusting false allegations against our family and now sharing criminal websites targetting our family

George Vella, who has many previous criminal convictions (28+ we are told) began to target our family because he was disgruntled due to two of his friends getting convicted for offences against our family, (Hugh Abercrombie and Darren Hogan)

Vella went on to create a malicious website about the father labelling him a paedophile but was protected by Bedfordshire & Lancashire police resulting in a positive Judicial Review of the legality of a Bedfordshire police decision which has now led to private legal action that is in progress against George Vella from a further victim.

Vella just can’t stop his evil blogging which appears to be driven by a small handful of his cult-like followers who believe everything lord Vella says, and the majority of his followers, like sheep, refuse to consider any facts to the contrary.  One example is this whoppa of a lie even by Vella’s standards.

Every time George Vella and his cronies (or anyone else for that matter) target our family, including any of Vella’s pathetic cryptic ‘clues’ will result in a very public response.  Everything we post is factual and a direct response or reaction to what Vella and his cronies do.

Vella has intentionally removed any links or references to any site of ours in a desperate determination to keep his followers from the truth, yet we are more than happy to show our supporters links to where George Vella does his malicious posting.

Vella’s public Facebook page

Vella’s Facebook Group

Feel free to join his Facebook group and share articles from our site with his group to open his followers to Vella’s so you too can gauge his reaction.  Post the articles under existing posted articles, this way they do not need approval from the dictatorship admin team, comprised of Vella, his Dog, Neil Wilkes, and … Neil Wilkes.

As Hugh Abercrombie said, ‘Ponting would flip‘…. well ‘they’ have!  This was a post by convicted Darren Hogan of what appears to be communication with his fellow convict Hugh Abercrombie who are both in communication with convicted Kyoji Mochizuki (aka Taz Ryder) who is the person who created the new malicious website mentioned further on in this article.

Hugh Abercrombie is currently under investigation for breach of a Crown Court restraining, protecting our family from him.  He avoided prison with a suspended prison sentence and was given a 7-year restraining order which he has breached.

The breach was via George Vella, a 3rd party and used within a targeted attack of our family including our teenage daughter.  It was also breached by another 3rd party (or Abercrombie) as the posting was made anonymously.

All George Vella appears to do is sit alone in his flat with a can of benefit-paid Foster’s and regurgitate mainstream news, amongst his malicious postings of our family and even targets what appears to be his own family.

His own family appear to detest George Vella and they have even considered offering us Vellas recently deceased father’s blue mobility scooter as a form of payment toward the £800 High Court Cost Order that George Vella and Neil Wilkes refuse to pay.  They seem to think this is forgotten, it isn’t.

But now George Vella, Neil Wilkes and Darren Hogan have crossed a serious line, a line that has them participating in the targetting of our teenage daughter.  Vella and Wilkes have both shared grossly offensive website links to images of our teenage daughter maliciously saying she is a prostitute and her father is a paedophile.

The malicious website shared by these perverts has comments also saying the father and daughter engage in ‘incest’ with fake porn images.

The website is under criminal investigation and every sicko that has shared it is also under investigation.

In true Vella style, we are sharing a snippet of information, from a call with Lancashire police, relating to the report of Vella to Lancashire police and the risk Vella has caused with his malicious post about our daughter and her father.

Lancashire police confirm that the report made against Vella has ‘risk’ to the teenage daughter and her father.

We will not be publishing the entire recording of this conversation, but want Vella to see that his obsession has crossed a line.


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