Why are police protecting gang-stalkers abusing young female

As promised I am updating this website due to the lack of police action in dealing with George Vella, from Bedfordshire, Neil Wilkes, from West Midlands & Darren Hogan, from West Midlands and the persistent unwanted, malicious communication from them.

All posts on this website are responses to what they do.

These ‘men’ have been a blight on our lives for six years! All of them continuously label an innocent man a paedophile. Now they are sharing a website with images of our daughter labelling her a prostitute and fake pornographic images.




Hogan was convicted in 2017 for the same and received a two-year restraining order but has now crawled out from his hole with his lurid, sick, false allegations.

I have blogged here, with Hogan’s sick comments previously but still he continues.

He currently has a screenshot on his Facebook page taken from our teenage daughter’s modelling website. The screenshot is a list of the images she used on the website, which was taken offline in March 2022. Hogan has accessed the photographs due to a WordPress insecurity.

Hogan commented alongside the screenshot image (below) with the hashtag ‘#highestbidder‘. She was sixteen years old in the images and Hogan is advertising the images on his Facebook page for money! Sick bastard!


Neil Wilkes. of Burnt Tree, Tipton, has previously been reported for continuously calling an innocent man a paedophile. So far police and CPS have not prosecuted him. The CPS are currently reviewing a private prosecution against him. He needs to be stopped!

Neil Wilkes is currently sharing a malicious website on his Facebook page that labels our teenage daughter a prostitute, and says she participates in porn films, amongst other grossly offensive material.

The website also has images taken from our daughter’s fashion portfolio website from when she was sixteen.  We have IP addresses from Wolverhampton logged for all access to this website, which show when the images were downloaded.


Now we come to George Vella. This man either has serious memory issues or is a compulsive liar as he shared the links to the above sick images.

In the comment above,

Yet, the liar posted the following link to the malicious website targetting the teen girl and her father.

Also, George Vella shared it on his Facebook group, anonymously, but as only Vella and Wilkes are admins, only they could have posted it or approved it to be posted.

George Vella proclaims his Facebook group is a police news group, but feels it is appropriate to post links to a young female being sexually targeted for abuse?

Vella also posts on behalf of convicted Hugh Abercrombie, breaching his restraining order.

Ironically, Hugh Abercrombie has fabricated what a judge had said. Hugh, attempted to appeal his restraining order, during his appeal, he made groundless allegations to the court of the conduct of his own victim.  The victim was present.  The crown court judge did not advise, as Judges cannot give legal advice.  The judge said, if you have any allegations, then they should be made to the police.  Hugh confirmed that he had notified the police and that the police rejected any offences alleged.    Hugh is wanting Vella to spread false information, which has now been submitted as a breach of his restraining order.


he has recently posted on Facebook that he has not shared any website with images of our daughter on, yet only a few days ago that is exactly what he did!? Darren Hogan also commented on Vella’s post that ‘she ain’t half fit’ and that he would like to take our daughter out for a drink. Fucking pervert! She was under 18 on all the images. Vella ‘liked’ Hogan’s comment, proving he knew exactly who Hogan was referring to. Yet he still insists he hasn’t shared the images.

Vella has also posted an apparent statement from Hugh Abercrombie, from West Midlands. This man is currently subject to a restraining order. He is now in clear breach of the restraining order.

In the past 6 years Vella has posted online numerous malicious, perverse posts about an innocent man, including setting up his own website labelling the innocent man a paedophile, yet police do nothing! Why? Other people viewed Vella’s website and have been convicted for believing it’s sick content https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/innocent-man-accused-being-paedophile-25089638

For years we have blogged about the lack of police action in apprehending these men and criticised Lancashire police for their failings, leading to them imposing an injunction on the innocent man as the police felt harassed! Unbelievable! Imagine how harassed they would feel if they had to endure what my family have had to endure. Imagine their children being labelled prostitutes, or their husbands being labelled paedophiles. Yet they still do nothing to assist my family…

This is the reason why?… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6228747/Innocent-businessman-arrested-wins-35-000-pay-out.html

These men are all friends and have been virtually mobbing our family for 6 years. The police are doing nothing about them. Yet apparently these men have gone crying to the police claiming to be victims. How ironic would it be if Lancashire police charged the innocent man for being forced to retaliate…Time will tell…


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