Criminal Pimp Gary Enticknap says his partner is a police officer and breaches restraining order

We have just received a message from a previous editor of this website asking us to add a an update to a previous article that was posted back in 2021. (read it here)

Gary Enticknap pleaded guilty for Malicious Communications and served 4 months in prison, one of those months was for his malicious and unfound allegations against the previous editor of this website.

Now over two years later, and while under a 10 year restraining order, Enticknap of  Henry Street, Redcar has allegedly breached his restraining order by contacting a friend of his victim with malicious comments intended to be relayed to his victim. These apparently include

  1. A claim Enticknap is the partner of the female officer who arrested him (Emily ?).
  2. That this police officer partner has told Enticknap that the victim is a police informant.
  3. That the victim threatened his police officer girlfriend (Emily) to destroy evidence or she will be sacked.
  4. That the vicitm threatened to kill Enticknaps entire family (this includes a police officer).
  5. That his police officer partner is aware he is indirectly contacting his victim via his victims friend.
  6. That Enticknap has a meeting with a Crown Court Judge.
  7. That the conviction he pleaded guilty to is being overturned.
  8. That he is friends with a man named Billy Blundell with inferences to death threats of his victim.
  9. That his is conspiring with a man named George Vella and a man named Neil Wilkes
  10. That he hopes George Vella kills his (his victim)
  11. That George Vella has written a personal statement for Gary Enticknap; and
  12. Enticknaps states that George Vella is scum
  13. That he has several newspapers in Liverpool ready to publish his story.
  14. That he is working with Lancashire police to get the victim arrested.
  15. That Lancashire police hate the victim more than he does.

The list goes on and will be added to.

We are told there are as many as 200 unsolicited malicious messages that have been sent, intended to be shared with the victim, while Gary Enticknap is under a 10 year restraining order.

Independent of this breach,  the message are being treated as an offence of Malicious Communications as many of the comments are lies that intend to case the victim anxiety.

Cleveland police are aware of the breech.

We presume Gary Enticknap is also aware as if he is believed, his partner is a Police Officer.

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