“Why would he rape you? he seems really nice” says GMP DC Lindsay McHugh

A victim of rape speaks out to Nick Buckley, a MP Candidate after Greater Manchester Police Detective Constable Lindsay McHugh tells a rape victim.


"Why would he rape you, he seems really nice!"

The victim, (who now has lifelong anonymity), says that a man named Craig Brothers raped her. Mr Brothers denies the rape, stating it was consensual, the victim vehemently denies this. 

It transpires that Mr Brothers has two previous convictions for attacking his ex wife, and a conviction for violent behaviour against police. 


  1. There isn’t a lot to this story. It reads like the intro to a blog, then it simply stops after 3 very short paragraphs. I’m not sure how someone claims ‘lifelong anonymity’ either if there has been no conviction for rape and if the matter has never even seen the inside of a courtroom (which sees to be implied)? Anonymity is normally granted as part of the court process. Equally naming a man accused of rape, but never even charged, is actually not legal and he would have grounds to sue all involved. A link to the Nick Buckley bit would probably help on this otherwise odd so-called blog.

    • A victim of sexual abuse is, by law, given lifelong anonymity. Just because the police do not charge the suspect does not mean the victim was not raped; this case has been reopened due to police misconduct; seems like GMP likes to ignore rape victims.

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