DC Neil Patrick of Cambridgeshire police under investigation for corruption

DC Neil Patrick of Cambridgeshire police was assigned the task of impartially investigating complaints relating to a Norfolk Police officer.

Norfolk police officer DS Matthew Abbs targeted his ex-partner, Angela (name changed), with falsified criminal allegations resulting in Angela being arrested (on several occasions) for ludicrous allegations of Malicious Communications based on a few factual posts she made on Facebook.

Angela was never charged with the offence (as expected), even though she never denied making the factual posts which could never amount to Malicious Communications. Angela made a full admission to the posts but denied they amounted to an offence.  She was (of course) not charged, leading to the belief that the arrest had no necessity as required under PACE guidelines and was part of a sinister plan.

The only reason for this arrest (it appears) was so the police could apply bail conditions on Angela to prevent her from speaking to her key witness (me), and that was all part of the master plan that DS Abbs and his (secret) friend, DC Neil Patrick, were seemingly planning in the civil courts.

Using his position as a police officer, DC Patrick (proven to be a friend of Abbs), assisted by way of alleged corruption, using his powers as a police officer for the benefit of his friend in civil matters (nothing to do with the police)

Evidence proving that DC Neil Patrick is not (and never was) impartial has been provided to the IOPC; this includes emails from DC Neil Patrick that he sent DS Matthew Abbs at DS Abbs’s personal email addresses. The emails were sent to ‘Abbsie Mob‘, a nickname that DC Patrick was using for DS Abbs.

This shows a DC Patrick, being the rank of Constable (the lowest rank in police), addressing a more senior officer to him Sergeant Abbs by the nickname ‘abbsie‘.

Unless Patrick and Abbs were (close) friends, it is highly unlikely that a DC would refer to a DS in this manner, especially as they work in two separate police forces.

The fact that the officers are clearly ‘friends’, proves in my mind, that the investigation, which was promised to be impartial, was destined to fail from the outset and that this could amount to Corruption due to the abuse of powers to thwart a police investigation to the benefit of a police officer.

Evidence that we have in our possession is an email from DC Neil Patrick to Abbs (and his ‘Superintendent’ wife), where DC Patrick is clearly getting involved in civil matters involving DS Matthew Abbs and Angela.

DC Neil Patrick emailed ‘Abbsie’ from his police email address to Abbs private email address

The Complaint is now under consideration by the IOPC as a mandatory referral due to corruption after a successful IOPC appeal.

To add to the overall police conduct, Cambridgeshire Police Professional Standards Department (who are handling the complaint) confirmed that they made an error (an oversight in their words), and had failed to make the necessary mandatory referral.

Unfortunately, due to an oversight of this information, the matter was not referred to the IOPC during the initial stages of the complaint being made and I can only apologise for this. Now that I have identified this information being provided, I have submitted an IOPC referral for a Mode of Investigation (MOI) to be determined.

It seems all too common (and suspicious) for Professional Standards departments of ALL UK police forces to make these simple errors that only serve to protect their own officers. I have yet to see an error where PSD have overacted against their officers.

This complaint is ongoing and is a matter of public interest. All stages will be made public.

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