George Vella thanks PC 23875 William Smith for FAILING to investigate sexual abuse of a teenage girl

Darren Hogan and Neil Wilkes of Wolverhampton aid the sexual abuse of a teenage girl.

This public comment by George Vella speaks volumes of his intent to see a teenage girl suffer online sexual abuse.

George Vella is thanking PC Smith for not charging two men who have aided the sexual abuse

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Darren Hogan

Darren Hogan of Wolverhampton maliciously accessed a locked website (Computer Misuse) and stole then distributed innocent photographs of a teenage girl that were not ordinarily accessible.  Darren Hogan then posted a screenshot of what he had stolen on his public Facebook page offering these illegally acquired photographs for sale.

The photographs of the innocent teenage girl then appeared on a horrific website and had been used in conjunction with hardcore porn images to sexually abuse the teenager. The author of the website made derogatory comments about the teenage girl relating to raping her and suggesting the girl is involved in incest with her father.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of the website author Darren Hogan is alleged to have provided the illegally acquired photographs to. Darren Hogan gave a ‘no comment’ interview to the police, and only gave a prepared statement in which he claims ‘someone else must have used his account to do it‘. Darren Hogan takes great pride in the sexual harassment of a teenage girl and then shows that he is a spineless coward in an interview.

Darren Hogan also has police cautions for child abuse.

Ironically, the same sickening criminal website was intentionally shared by both George Vella and Neil Wilkes (see below).

Neil Wilkes

Neil Wilkes of Tipton, Walsall, distributed links to the above-mentioned sickening website (a s127 communications offence) regarding the horrific sexual abuse of a teenage girl. Neil Wilkes clearly finds it hilarious that he was not even interviewed by the police over this matter, in which a young female has been failed by the UK police.

Neil Wilkes appears to have a tainted history involving young females.  His own wife, Marie Wilkes, publicly confirmed that Neil Wilkes got a ‘minor’ pregnant.

A private prosecution has been granted for the prosecution of Neil Wilkes for this offence against the teenage girl.

Below is the evidence that Neil shared the link to the disturbing website.

[youtube-feed feed=2]

George Vella

George Vella also distributed links to the above-mentioned sickening website (a s127 communications offence) the same as Neil.

Like Neil, the police didn’t interview him, the police must believe it is acceptable for grown men to share the sexual abuse of teenage girls.

George Vella has also been summoned by private prosecution to face prosecution for this offence against a teenage girl.

George Vella also faces a 2nd private prosecution that has been granted for creating a website labelling an innocent man a paedophile and a woman a child abuser.

Ironically, George Vella has a string of criminal convictions. One specifically of harassment for photographing children over a garden wall. George Vella appealed, but this was unsuccessful and George Vella was then ordered to wear an electronic tag to monitor his location.

This is an offence he has never disclosed to his followers, yet he has happily disclosed other [macho] offences to his followers such as robbing post offices.

Below is evidence of George Vella sharing malicious communications, and then lying about it.

[youtube-feed feed=3]

Hugh Abercrombie

Hugh Abercrombie had a suspended prison sentence and has a 7-year restraining order (that is still active until 2024).  A private witness statement made by Hugh Abercrombie about his victims, protected by the restraining order, has miraculously ended up in the hands of George Vella who felt it appropriate to post publically on Facebook. George Vella is very much aware that Hugh Abercrombie has a restraining order, and publishing anything on behalf of Hugh is a breach. George published the witness statement (in itself an offence) and Hugh Abercrombie was pulled in by the police.  The police are refusing to do anything, suggesting Hugh didn’t do it, but they have failed all reasonable enquires as, by providing it to Vella, this would amount to a breach of his restraining order.

PC 23875 William Smith and DS 7508 Louise Stafford

So yes, well-done PC 23875 William Smith and your sergeant, DS 7508 Louise Stafford of the Wolverhampton FCID Team.  What wonderful cops you are (not).

You have allowed an innocent and vulnerable teenage girl to be sexually abused online by Darren Hogan and Neil Wilkes and here George Vella is thanking you for FAILING the teenage girl and not prosecuting his friends.

No wonder the police have such a bad reputation for the safeguarding of females.

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