DC926 Joanne Bills unlawfully arrests and detains a man after falsifying a crime

DC926 of Kiddiminster falsified an allegation to unlawfully arrest a man lawfully videoing in public.  The man was the YouTube police station auditor, Auditing Britain (referred to as ‘AB‘) and one of few auditors who remain polite at all times.

AB walked along a public road that was behind a police station with his phone out.  He was ‘spotted‘ by two female police officers who followed him for several hundred yards.

AB proceeded to Kidderminster Police station.  He recorded his movements and recorded one electric police car.  He then walked off the police station property and was confronted by the two irritated police constables.

The video details the entire incident, but it must be noted that DC926 arrested him under the Terrorism Act without reasonable suspicion, but if you review the video, she claimed to be ‘harassed, alarmed & distressed‘?

So, this lying cop, who claims to be harassed, alarmed and distressed by a man, and yet chooses to follow him for almost half a mile without calling for any back.

This is a blatant lie by a police constable and she must be disciplined.

This is not a case of police making a genuine mistake, this is a case of police fabricating an offence for the purpose of taking a mans liberty.

The police apologised in the video below.  The actual arrest of AB is in the description of the YouTube video below



  1. With her knowledge of the law and her people skills, DC 926 Joanne Bills would be better suited to making the tea in the staff canteen.

    Perfect example of everything that is wrong with the police in the UK today. Policing with their feelings and their ego rather than the letter of the law. The sergeant that authorised AB’s detention at custody needs a good talking to as well as this was clearly a malicious and false arrest.

    AB got a £1,500 payout for this incident I believe. Should have been more, and it should have been taken directly out of DC Bills’s pay or pension.

  2. bunch of slags that can only do as their told and make stuff up. Its time to fight back before those with the weapons destroy humanity!

  3. DC926 Joanne Bills is not fit to be a member of the British police force and should be fired. I wonder how many other times she has abused her powers. The compensation should come out from her salary and not from the taxpayer.

  4. Remember seeing this video and as a regular viewer of his work I was shocked at the response of these officers. Although not unexpectedly confronted I was shocked at their “investigation” at that instance but given what they had said they had witnessed it was evident they were intent on arresting him anyway. Like all Police when escalating a situation their pulses race and they don’t communicate rationally,hence they talk dribble and fail to respect the rule of law. Their interaction with AB will be a source of embarrassment for ever on the www.

  5. I watched the video on YouTube after it was filmed. I was absolutely aghast at the attitude, ignorance and downright stupidity of the DC and her colleague. Their attitude is an example of the sheer arrogance displayed by a vast majority of Police Officers in today’s society. They seem to forget that as Crown servants, they serve the public and believe that whatever instructions they issue MUST be obeyed immediately, lawful or not. I am also extremely tired of hearing the phrase “In today’s modern society people are targeting the Police.” This would not be the case if they presented themselves to the public in a much better way. If they addressed people as ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ when making initial contact, instead of “Oi mate, what you doing.” Or worse still, “Listen pal, do as you’re told or your nicked.” If today’s Police are living in constant fear of the threat of attack, from members of the public, then they are in the wrong job. If they expect confrontation at every twist and turn it is simply the public refusing to be treated like fools. I understand completely that there are some in society whose only goal is to goad and vilify the Police, but unless Police attitudes change towards the general public, it will only get worse.

  6. The most egregious behaviour is from DC Bills because she drove the issue with lies and fabrication and her colleagues instead of saying to her that she was wrong both in law and in procedure just carried on backing her up . The custody sergeant should have dismissed the matter instantly but didnt so why is the creature Bills so powerful ? That itself needs to be investigated . Notwithstanding any civil claim , retraining needs to be done .One of the worst examples of police stupidity I have ever seen .

    • Hanlon’s razor in reverse if I may; “never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by malice”. This was pure, vengeful malice.

  7. I have watched many videos by AB and he is always polite and have NEVER seen him angry or threatening.. it always seem the Police are the ones that get aggravated and cannot handle the situation in a professional way…. Maybe training is needed? Not use power of a police officer only….

  8. I have made my views clear to this Police Officer directly on her Facebook Posting where she gave an apology. Given the full detail of AB’s interaction and what is clear from those Police Officers who interacted with him he has a very good case against those officers. Fortunately his video shows very clearly what was said and as importantly how it was said. If that officer was ‘Alarmed’ then she did a good job of transfer that sentment to AB. Not one of those police involved has come out of this with any credibility, everyone who spoke were incapable of representing police and their powers, they however showed what is wrong with the ‘out of touch’ police. If there is any justice is that they will all carry the scar of being shown to be what they really are.

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