EXCLUSIVE: When does reasonable force by police become Actual Bodily Harm?

These are the injuries Mr Josh Pallace suffered at the hands of Essex police after they arrested him in his own home.

There is little doubt that the police PACE Code G necessity criteria for an arrest by police may have been correct, as they had acted upon a phone call.  They would argue they had ‘reasonable suspicion‘, of an offence, but the fact is, Mr Pallace maintains he committed no offence.

Mr Pallace, 24, had recently returned home from a friends house where he had been drinking.

Sometime after arriving home, and without any prior warning, EIGHT police officers burst into his bedroom and tried to arrest him.

Mr Pallace knew without a doubt that he committed no offences and believed the police had entered the wrong house.  He, therefore, and quite rightly so, resisted their attempts to arrest him.

Rather than the police use ‘reasonable force‘ to detain him (a force that arguably Mr Pallace was still, in law, able to use self-defence against), the police went on to seriously assault him.

Mr Pallace says;

the punches came whilst one officer was sitting on by back with handcuffs and a leg belt on.They told me to shut up and repeatedly punched me, including several delierate punches to my groin causing emence pain.

The alleged charges they had arrested him for have been dropped, however, they now have brought charges against him for ‘assault’ of 6 emergency workers.

Mr Pallace maintained he used reasonable force in a situation where he was attacked in his own home and he used self-defence  He alleges that the police assaulted him, occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.

Mr Pallace has been charged and faces a trial in which he will be pleading not guilty.



  1. Well well well, this is straight out of the American Cops method of business. Hope they had Body Cams on or can demonstrate how the 8 fully trained Police Officers were unable to restrain their ‘single victim’ even after being trained to do so with fewer officers.
    Whilst assault on emergency workers might be a justifiable charge this is clearly not one of them. So given these photographs shown of Mr Pallace injuries I’d be interested on seeing police injuries (feelings don’t count) 8 v 1.
    I am sure I’m not the only one to have first hand experience, in my early years, of witnessing seriously bad or corrupt police officers, however in today’s world they are less able to go unchallenged. Be interested to know how many of these Officers have completed a RIDDOR form.

    • Not until after the trial as technically they are poor witnesses… after all of the cops, with their batons, pepper spray and handcuffs were attacked by a single unarmed man after they burst into HIS home!

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