Disgraced ex-cop Rick Jones of Nottingham police mentioned in a Sky News report

Rick Jones has been mentioned in a Sky News report here (opens in new window).

His alleged victim, referred to as Charlotte in the Sky News report, spoke with us some months ago, and after significant pressure on our website about Rick Jones, Charlotte went on to speak with Sky News, where they reported;

Charlotte worked in the force too, and says he should never have had that job because he’d had a string of complaints against him.


I think to be fair the whole force was shocked that he had a job in the professional standards department, because it was common knowledge that he had been investigated so many times, that’s what he was known for.

Despite previous allegations from other women (who we are also in contact with), the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute.

Sky News says

The force, which we’ve decided not to name, said that despite no criminal charges, Charlotte’s ex-partner faced a gross misconduct hearing, was dismissed and now remains on the barred list.

Somehow, Rick was able to get unemployed by Nottingham police after a string of allegations against him, believed to be over 20, showing striking similarities to the lack of vetting into the likes of Wayne Couzens and David Carrick.

An email relating to Rick was previously published on our website, the source was the Specialist Rape Investigation Team.  It shows the coward Rick Jones resigned when the heat was turned up.

The Force is Nottingham Constabulary, and they seemingly failed to do all they could to protect the victims.

We made a previous video about Rick Jones.  It is time the UK police were shaken up, it’s treated by some as a breeding ground for abusive (generally male) police officers using their powers for sexual gratification.

Nottinghamshire police force have been asked for their comments.


  1. I’ve just finished a legal action on Notts Police that leads to the PSD dept covering up an initial signed statement being thrown away, and omitting to tell me my second signed statment was thrown away, and actual crime report deleted. That was in 2017, and I’m pretty sure the PSD guy who undertook my so-called investigation had a hand in deleting the crime report. Now heading in to a another legal action as a result – the fourth one to-date. This has been running for years, and the most recent Judge at hearing had to order Notts to actually record the first signed statement they deleted. For the all the engagements with Notts PSD it has been lies and cover-up, apart from one person (female) who eventually referred a matter to the IOPC for investigation. She then, in retaliation for me taking a legal action, sent three male Greater Manchester Police officers to harass me at my home at end of 2021. Nottinghamshire Police PSD is, similar to them all, an absolute rat-run of sleeze and corruption. There is another guy in that department who I’m pretty sure is not too far behind this guy Rick Jones in terms of corruption, misogyny and behaviours and goes by the intials R.A. Vile bunch and not at all surprising they hired this guy and binned the rape allegations against him. The senior female staff, as much as the males, are complicit in keeping these guys in post, and look the other way to protect their jobs and pensions.

    • Yes the initials R.A is Ricks good friend! it will remain corrupt until particular people are replaced.

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