Lancashire police DENY trespass in what will become a tax-payers legal battle

In 2021, Lancashire police entered private property without permission.  The incident was captured on CCTV.

Trespass is entering, – or putting property on – land that belongs to someone else, without their permission

Clear signs were on display stating that the parking was for customers only.

They deny trespass, thefore are denying the above photograph is real, as the photo is of police trespassing on private property.

Lancashire police are not customers, but, putting themselves above anyone else as they often do, they ignored the signs. They parked a large commercial vehicle on the property for several hours without permission.

During the trespass, the police tampered with private property, used foul language, abused an animal (a police horse) by blowing smoke in its face, and allowed the horse to foul the highway. This amounts to aggravated trespass, a criminal offence and was reported, but, the police failed/refused to investigate themselves, again, putting themselves above the law.

The horse shit was inches from the private property, thus customers had to drive through horse manure to enter the property, trampling it onto the property and into the building requiring cleaning and sanitization.

The police are refusing to cover the cleaning cost, going so far as to defend this in court (with tax-payers money)

The police hindered the security and lighting of the property and blocked CCTV from its intended use. They used the private lighting on private property for their own selfish purpose, disregarding the clear signs.  The police had plenty of access to public roads but chose to park on the property of a family who has had to sue the police on several occasions, leading to the belief this was intended to aggravate the owners.

The property is a no-smoking property (with clear signs), and one officer was smoking on the property (while on duty).  The cop had total disregard for the private property and associated rules.  The same cop was captured blowing smoke intentionally into a horse’s face on more than one occasion.

Rather than be honest and apologise, (as you would expect the police to be), they have denied trespass, even though the CCTV clearly shows the police trespassing.  They have ignored the police complaint that was made at the time and only now, they claim the complaint was ‘dealt with’ yet are unable to provide any evidence of a complaint outcome or a right to appeal any decision made.

The matter has been referred to the IOPC and a civil claim will be underway.


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  1. Aggravated tress pass comes under civil law.
    From what I know they seem to be using unethical travelers methods to get round the Law .
    Fly grassing is another option.

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