Evidence that police turn blind eye to police informants… Lancashire police involved.

Shocking new has been published in the Express newspaper showing a Judge protecting police corruption!

Judge Grieves ‘feared‘ that Detective Constable Dan Williams could ‘expose’ police corruption in his defence.

Why would a Judge ‘fear’ criminal exposure?

Judge Grieves ruled that DC Dan Williams could accuse the police of wide-scale corruption in his defence!

DC Dan Williams said between 2006 and 2011 senior officers turned a blind eye to violent criminals because they were valuable informants.

Lancashire police have been outed protecting  a police informant named Paul Turner from prosecution.  A fact even admitted by Paul Turner himself in a failed industrial tribunal he attempted!

A Lancashire police officer also confirmed Paul Turner was a police informant in a secret recorded phone call.

Rather than Paul Turner face criminal prosecution, Lancashire police spent vast amounts of public money covering it all up, even going to the extent of seeking an injunction blocking me from mentioning any of their names online!

While Turner was working as a police snitch, he gave information to Lancashire police to secure a conviction of drug dealer who was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

For providing this evidence to Lancashire police, Turner was afforded police protection from offences including Threats to Kill, Perjury, Assault and  Malicious Communications.

Lancashire police favoured a conviction of a drug dealer over the protection of an innocent family.


If PC Dan Williams wants to contact us, please feel free and we will be happy to headline your story identifying corruption.

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  1. Lancashire police are scum and no words can describe these low lives was 30yrs uniform in Cheshire and never saw such despicable excuses for humans as Lancashire police. I am in dispute with them at present and they have labelled my telling the truth as derogatory

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