Garry Forsyth Confirms retirement only days after being notified of Contempt of Court proceedings

On  1st July 2022, Garry Forsyth, the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire police, was put on notice of Contempt of Court Proceedings.

A letter before action was sent to Forsyth and his legal representative, giving a response deadline of  8th July,2022, a deadline which has now passed without response.

On the same date of the missed deadline, the BBC reported that Garry Forsyth has announced his retirement.

Is Garry Forsyth trying to avoid the legal action against him or the publicity of a failure in his duty as the Chief Constable?

A final deadline of the 15th July 2022 still remains, and if that if passed without a formal response, a High Court Application for Contempt of Court Proceeding will be made against Forsyth as the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire police, for failing to comply with a High Court Order.


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