Have Lancashire police and West Midlands police been assisting alleged paedophiles

Some disturbing evidence has come to light suggesting that Lancashire police and West Midlands police may have been assisting or even protecting ‘alleged‘ paedophiles from prosecution.

The two men, Neil Wilkes and Darren Hogan are known to both the above police forces.

  • Both men have criminal records, both are from the West Midlands.
  • Both men were recruited by Lancashire police in an operation to frame an innocent man for ‘harassment’. (this failed)
  • One of the men (Hogan) has proven child abuse cautions, given by West Midlands police.
  • Both men are ‘alleged‘ to have lured 3 or 4 underage girls back to one of their homes.
  • Wilkes is ‘alleged‘ to have had sex with one of the underage girls, leaving her pregnant! (confirmed by his own wife!)
  • The other man is suspected of having sex with one or more of the other underage girls.

West Midlands police have been provided with evidence of the alleged sexual offence.  This evidence came from the offender’s own wife from a Facebook post, posted 7 years ago.  The offence is not statute-barred!

This post, and others, have now been deleted from Facebook in what appears to be an attempt to hide the information, fortunately, it has been fully captured for evidence.

The top commenter is the offender’s WIFE. (Marie Wilkes)

Ironically, both men have blatantly been accusing innocent men of being paedophiles for years, a topic apparently deep in their minds.

A 3rd man, also a part of the same police operation, has no ‘known‘ allegations of interaction with underage girls, but he is known to be in receipt of a video of an underage child, supplied by these men.  The video was of a coerced boy being forced to make lewd allegations.

UPDATE; Neil Wilkes has sent the following comment relating to this article;

“Underage girls at a party 7 years ago with someone I only knew for less than 5 HAHAHAHA”


When asked

Do you deny getting an underage girl pregnant or not.  Irrespective of the circumstances?

Neil Wilkes replied;

What makes me answerable to you?


Neil Wilkes followed with;

I said you said I was there with someone I knew yet didn’t know them, which means I wasn’t at NO party which means your story and basis of claims and comments on a story are actually false and if you know so much who told you??

I know L***** has told you daz went out with his mates to a party where there were underage girls (which I can not comment on as I wasn’t there) and not only was I NOT there I didn’t know the person who I was supposed to have gone with so you wanna make sure you got things straight because I WOULD LOVE THIS TO GO INTO POLICE INTERVIEW and you’d be then bought in for wasting police time and perverting the course of justice with false allegations



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