NHS nurse ‘appalled’ at slow police response to trouble in Lochgelly

An NHS key worker said she was “appalled” at the amount of time it took police to respond to four 999 calls when she claimed she was tormented by the neighbour from hell in Lochgelly.

The woman, who works as a nurse in Fife and wishes to remain anonymous, told the Times that she called the 101 number 15 times during the period that a Fife Council tenant moved into a flat in the same block.

The health board worker said that, for four weeks, she was plagued with constant noise and the strong smell of cannabis.

That escalated last Saturday when she had to call 999 four times before police officers arrived and arrested a man.

“You feel like no one wants to help – the time the police took to answer the emergency calls was appalling,” she said.

“During the four weeks, I couldn’t sleep because of the constant noise and stink that was coming into my flat and was going to work surviving on just one hour of sleep.

“It escalated when the partying started at 9am and I was looking after my grandkids.”

After witnessing various acts of criminal behaviour the woman says she called 999 at 11am and the after numerous further calls officers eventually came at around two or three in the afternoon.

She added: “They charged him but didn’t arrest him and after calling gain 10 minutes later they took him away.”

“I’ve not had much experience with the police but I was just horrified.

“I’ve worked all through COVID and this person seems to be more entitled than me.

“The fact the police did not turn up for me, or also my neighbour who is a woman by herself, has just terrified me.

“It’s just shocking – nobody seemed to care.

“I just thought when you dialled 999 the emergency services just came out but you’re left feeling there is nothing you can do.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson told the Times: “Since August 15, officers have been called a number of times to reports of a smell of cannabis at a block of flats in Lochgelly. “Officers have attended, carried out enquiries and are liaising with relevant partners regarding this matter.

“On Saturday, August 22 (2020) police received a report of anti-social behaviour at the same block of flats and advice was given to the reporter at that time prior to police attending. “A further call was then received regarding an assault on a 30-year-old woman and officers attended.

“ A 26-year-old man was traced and then arrested and charged in connection with the assault.

“He was due to appear before Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court on Monday, August 24.

“A full report will be sent to the procurator fiscal.”

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