Highlighted UK Police Corruption

This video is exactly how the UK police operate.

This is worryingly similar to how Lancashire police have targeted a family in Lancashire who was attacked by one of their Police Informants.

A Police Informant is formally called a Confidential Human Intelligence Source (‘CHIS’) or commonly referred to as a ‘snitch or a grass’.  Informants provide information to police to help them, usually in return for relief from prosecution, reduction in sentence or for financial reward.

Like Mr Puddick in this video, Lancashire police had attempted to silence the real victim to cover their misconduct.

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  1. Excellent outcome. So very pleased that you managed to prove police corruption. They get away with unimaginable crimes against honest decent people, with a complete lack of any kind of conscience or moral code. If the British public knew even half of what these monsters get up to behind closed doors they would March in the streets.
    Human Rights violations, lies, assault, rape, the unlawful distribution of private images that were taken illegally by officers & ex serving officers. Sharing this illegal content on a website for all their colleagues & friends to watch… there is so much the public have absolutely no idea about. Monsters, evil monsters.
    Who polices the police?… No one does.
    I myself have battled against it for 4 years with devastating effects on my personal life & my family. My fight still goes on.

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