hip hip, hurray… Crooked ex PCC, Clive Grunshaw joins the dole queue

Clive Grunshaw has lost his position as the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) to Conservative Candidate, Andrew Snowden.

Clive Grunshaw EX crime commissioner

Grunshaw of Fleetwood Lancashire held the position of Lancashire PCC for 8 years and has, during this time, been the focus of several criminal allegations including fraud and corruption.

The now ex-PCC played a role in handing over a fraudulently devalued police motorcycle that was worth in excess of £7,500 but was intentionally ‘de-valued’ to £1,500 so the Chief Constable could write it off and give it away to an ex-Lancashire police officer for an alleged charitable venture.

Clive Grunshaw himself was investigated for expense fraud The same police force who he is accused of protecting, seemingly looked after him, as the investigation into Grunshaw led to no charges.

More recently, Clive Grunshaw lied on BBC Radio Lancashire making a commitment to investigate corruption but buried the allegations before even reviewing them.  The IOPC has DIRECTED the PCC to investigate.  This will now be for the new PCC, Andrew Snowden, to investigate the ex Chief Constable and the ex PCC.

Clive Grunshaw may no longer be the police and crime commissioner, but he is still the focus of criminal allegations  for Perverting the Course of Justice.

Thankfully, Clive Grunshaw is out and we look forward to chatting with Andrew Snowden who we believe will want to put right what crooked Clive covered up.

We wish Andrew Snowden every success who will be joining the recently appointed Chief Constable.  A fresh start for Lancashire police, lets hope this new team root out the bad apples they replaced.


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