Lancashire police and crime commissioner answers questions on police corruption

Paul in Ormskirk asks is Lancashire police best placed to investigate any allegations of police corruption.

On Friday 15th January 2021, the Lancashire police and crime commissioner was in the ‘hot seat’ at BBC Radio Lancashire, hosted by Mike Stevens.

The Crime Commissioner was openly answering questions from the public about Lancashire police.

One question from “Paul, in Ormskirk“, was read by Mike Stevens to the Crime Commissioner.

Paul in Ormskirk says is Lancashire police best placed to investigate any allegations of police corruption… Clive…

After clearing his throat a number of times in what appeared to be an awkward question, the Crime Commission stated;

{clears throat} Well… police corruption… erm, {clears throat again} in the first instance, police corruption would be investigated internally, but if it’s corruption within the force {clears throat again} and if we’ve got concerns about things happening within Lancashire we would ask other forces to come in to investigate

The question put to the crime commissioner was clearly asking if Lancashire police (or any police force for that matter) should investigation themselves over allegations of corruption.

Although the Crime Commissioner did say other police forces would be brought in, he also said that Lancashire police would first investigate themselves and ‘only if they have concerns‘, would they bring in other forces.

The crime commissioner does go on to urge anyone to come forward, and that any allegations of corruption MUST be challenged.

The same live BBC Radio broadcast has been published by QLocal in Ormskirk


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