Innocent man held in prision for a crime he did not commit, denied access to see his dead son

Please listen to this story.

Prison officer ‘Topless’ from Hewell prison allegedly told the man he will never see his dead son and cannot go to his funeral… then grinned at him.


  1. If I never saw this what they have done and are still doing I would never believe it and say it was being made up, they knew his son was not good for two weeks and then he took a turn for the worse and could have got to hold his son before he had passed away but no, they still did not want to know, and then he was dead, all of our hearts were breaking and he then phones to say I think it had not even been an hour or just after that he will not be going to his funeral, this will be on the recording on the phone from prison from Texy to us, what were they trying to do there please all share this and help some people that are bad be good people and do the right thing, he has done no crime anyway but I believe through his bloodline they do not like him, please share and please help xxx thanks from one dad to another.

  2. So I’ve just had some news from my nephew….
    An inmate on friday just gone was supposed to be taken to crown court for a court hearing, the prisoner refused to go and told them they are not doing movements are they due to covid and refusing others inmates movements …. guess what happened to him he was sent down the block (solidatry confinement) and is still there now !!!!! Wtf and they have also tried in the last few weeks to move my nephew to another prison but couldn’t cause he is on recall and not charged…. you just cant make this up can you x x x

  3. Thank you for giving this story a platform on your site …. any coverage is good news.
    It’s still a fight were having to battle please everyone support us this is a true reality of what are family are going through x x

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